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On Campus

  • Taking on Chabad

    The latest issue of New Voices, the Jewish student magazine, is devoted entirely to Chabad, whose rabbis are rising in prominence on college campuses and often challenging the hegemony of the local Hillel chapters. As one JTA staffer noted, it’s pretty “ballsy” of NV to take on Lubavitch, though takedown is probably a more accurate… More ▸

  • Michael Drake in a ZOA constrictor

    The much anticipated showdown with the University of California, Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake went down Monday afternoon at the Hillel summit in Washington. Hillel was criticized for inviting Drake, who presides over a campus with a history of inviting inflammatory, anti-Israel speakers, with some criticizing the chancellor for not denouncing specific acts of anti-Semitic and/or… More ▸

  • MSU’s best little hate house in town

    Southern Poverty Law Center The Intelligence Report, the publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which covers all things racist all the time, has a fascinating article on Michigan State University’s Young Americans for Freedom club. According to the SPLC, it is the country’s only university sanctioned student group that is also listed as a… More ▸

  • Wherever we stand, we stand with Springfield

    Hillel got a shoutout on last night’s episode of the Simpsons, which had some sort of weird flashback thing going with Marge attending college in the ’90s. The following image appears as she mentions “fraternity pledges in their beanies”: More ▸

  • Foxman in a Tutu

    Abe Foxman is taking it on all sides for calling on the University of St. Thomas to reinvite Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Zionist Organization of America issued a statement slamming the ADL leader. At the same time, some of Foxman’s Jewish critics on the left who accuse him of attempting to stifle criticism of Israel,… More ▸

  • Columbia’s next speaker

    If Columbia Univeristy officials ever figure out who hung the noose on Professor Madonna Constantine’s office door, they will probably expel the culprit. Unless of course it turns out he’s a Holocaust and homosexual denier, who has a hand in killing American troops, a desire to see Israel disappear and an appetite for nuclear weapons…. More ▸

  • He spoke at Columbia

    Thanks to JTA staff writer Ben Harris for noticing this unreported detail from Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia on Monday: It appears as if someone made a point of making sure that the school’s name and insignia did not appear anywhere near the Iranian leader during his talk. More ▸