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Order Sons of Zion

  • Mac Michael’s Resignation Hailed by Lipsky at B’nai Zion Induction Ceremonies

    The resignation of Sir Harold MacMichael as High Commissioner for Palestine was hailed last night by Louis Lipsky, new president of the B’nai Zion, at ceremonies during which he and other officers of the fraternal organization were inducted. Pointing out that MacMichael’s regime was marked by the introduction of the 1939 White Paper, Lipsky expressed… More ▸

  • Order Sons of Zion Becomes “b’nai Zion,”; Will Expand Its Activities

    The Order Sons of Zion, a Zionist fraternal group, announced today that henceforth it will be known as the “B’nai Zion.” At a press conference, Louis Lipsky, president of the organization, announced that in the future the group will not restrict itself to fraternal work but will engage in Zionist political and cultural activities. More ▸

  • Sen. Giliette Attacks White Paper at Dinner Honoring Judge Rothenberg

    Speaking to more than 1500 persons gathered at the 36th annual dinner of the Order Sons of Zion in the Commodore Hotel tonight, Senator Guy Gillette, co-sponsor of the Palestine resolution in the Senate, demanded the immediate nullification of the White Paper and urged the United States Government to use its legal prerogative and its… More ▸

  • Fraternal Groups Leave American Jewish Committee; Minneapolis Federation Resigns

    A number of Jewish fraternal organizations announced today that they were severing their affiliation with the American Jewish Committee as a result of the Committee’s withdrawal from the American Jewish Conference. They include the Independent Order Brith Abraham and the Free Sons of Israel. The Order Sons of Zion adopted a resolution criticizing the American… More ▸

  • Morgenthau Lauds Jewish Achievements in Palestine in Message to ZOA Convention

    Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr., in a message to the 46th annual convention of the Zionist Organization of America which opens here tomorrow at the Deshler-Wallick Hotel, declared that the solution of the problem of Jewish homelessness in Europe is “a task which must engage the attention and the efforts of all men of… More ▸

  • American Jewish Conference Allocates 125 Seats to Membership Organizations

    The executive committee for the organization of the American Jewish Conference today announced the allocation of 125 seats reserved for delegates of national membership organizations participating in the Conference. It also announced that organizations to which four seats had been granted tentatively, will receive only three each. Among the organizations which received three seats are… More ▸

  • Convention of Order Sons of Zion Closes; Asks Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine

    The 34th annual convention of the Order Sons of Zion concluded its three-day session today with resolutions pledging individual and collective support to the U. S. Government in the prosecution of the war, asking the United States and Britain to save as many Jews as possible from Nazi Europe, and expressing its adherence to the… More ▸

  • Order Sons of Zion Convention Opened; Will Present Bomber to Army

    The 34th annual convention of the Order Sons of Zion opened here today at the Hotel Pennsylvania with 400 delegates from sixteen states in attendance, The convention, which will continue through Monday, will formulate the organization’s position on Zionist post-war aims and the status of the Jews in post-war Europe. The final proposals of the… More ▸

  • Conference of Zionists in New York Demands Lifting of Palestine Barriers

    More than 600 delegates representing some 300 branches of the Zionist Organization of America, Hadassah and the Order Sons of Zion in Greater New York, meeting last night at the Hotel New Yorker to discuss the major issues confronting the forthcoming American Jewish Conference, unanimously adopted a resolution calling upon the British Government to abrogate… More ▸