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  • Bad financial times could lead to charitable consolidation

    The second annual Limmud FSU in this seaside tourist town attracted several Jewish philanthropists with deep pockets. But every day that the Dow drops, pockets around the world get a bit shallower. This point was not lost on the donors here at Limmud. "When the stock market’s down 40 percent and portfolios are giving away… More ▸

  • Tzipi Livni: She May Be Clean, but is She Still Wet Behind the Ears?

    Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni smoothes her tailored black jacket, tosses back her head and takes in the King David Hotel hall packed cheek to jowl with foreign journalists. Every chair is taken, photographers line the walls and the lights of dozens of TV cameras bathe the room in a yellow glow. The woman who… More ▸

  • On Mideast, Mccain Surrogates at Convention Likely to Echo Bush

    John McCain’s campaign has walked a fine line between upholding the values of the GOP base that still reveres George W. Bush, while repudiating the legacy of the most unpopular president in modern history. In at least one area, however, there’s no ambivalence: When it comes to Israel and how to deal with Iran, Republicans… More ▸

  • Where’s the celeb love for Jewish charities?

    Since the New York Times Magazine ran Natalie Portman’s mug on the cover of its money issue in March, which featured a story about celebrity influence on giving, it seems that the charitable world has gone a bit TMZ. The phenomenon is legit enough that the Chronicle of Philanthropy held an interesting online panel discussion… More ▸

  • Presidential Forum Highlights Divergent Views on Supreme Court

    When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was asked Saturday night which member of the U.S. Supreme Court he would not have nominated, the Republican presidential candidate didn’t just name his least favorite justice. He picked four — the group commonly identified as the more liberal wing of the court, including the two Jewish justices, Ruth Ginsburg… More ▸

  • Jewish Shmoozing but No Galas on Agendas of Political Conventions

    The first day of the upcoming Democratic convention presents a classic Jewish conundrum: Chew over ideas or nosh? A planned get-together at a Denver Jewish deli organized by top Jewish Democrats clashes with a keynote speech by a leading rabbi across town. The conflict encapsulates the political convention experience — like minds socializing beneath the… More ▸

  • No Ross, but parables aplenty at CAJE’s opening plenary

    Joel Hoffman filled in for Dennis Ross as the CAJE conference’s keynote speaker. Dennis Ross was supposed to be the keynote speaker for CAJE’s opening plenary Sunday night. But he called in sick at the last minute, informing conference organizers Saturday night that he would not attend. Nevertheless, CAJE-ians made out pretty well with Ross’… More ▸

  • Help a mentalist out: Are Jewish organizations breaking Shabbos again?

    I’m looking into a story about Jewish organizations veering away from accommodating traditional religious observance. For several years it appeared that Jewish organizations – even those that were not religiously observant – were becoming more sensitive to religious observance – i.e. not holding certain types of events on Saturdays, providing kosher food. But JTA staff… More ▸

  • Sole Jewish Republican in House Being Vetted by Mccain Campaign

    U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor bridges two unlikely constituencies, say those hoping to see the Virginia Republican on John McCain’s presidential ticket: Jews and hard-core, red state conservatives. Pressed, however, these Cantor devotees admit there’s not much between those two constituencies that the Jewish deputy minority whip in the House of Representatives would bring to the… More ▸