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  • Taking on Chabad

    The latest issue of New Voices, the Jewish student magazine, is devoted entirely to Chabad, whose rabbis are rising in prominence on college campuses and often challenging the hegemony of the local Hillel chapters. As one JTA staffer noted, it’s pretty “ballsy” of NV to take on Lubavitch, though takedown is probably a more accurate… More ▸

  • Shomrim vs. Shmira (and the NYPD)

    The NYPD is trying to bring two rival Jewish security patrols in Brooklyn, the Shomrim and Shmira, under one roof, the New York Post reports: The NYPD is trying to settle a long-running dispute between two rival Orthodox Jewish patrol groups – and keep them from taking the law into their own hands – by… More ▸

  • The tear in Orthodoxy

    Michael Freund devotes his column in Tuesday’s Jerusalem Post to the increasingly acrimonious battle between differing Orthodox camps in the battle over conversions in Israel. Less than three weeks before Tisha B’Av, which commemorates the destruction of the Holy Temple as a result of “sin’at chinam,” – infighting among the Jewish people – we’re at… More ▸

  • Don’t mess with outreach

    Yesterday we linked to an opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post criticizing Orthodox outreach programs aimed at non-Orthodox young people. One of the groups in question – the Orthodox Union’s NCSY – has actually been receiving some good press, with participants on one of its Israel trips visiting the home of Ehud Goldwasser, one of… More ▸

  • Say no to brainwashing

    Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Danielle Kubes takes aim at Aish Hatorah, NCSY and other Orthodox outfits running outreach programs for non-Orthodox youth: The organizations present their Judaism as the uniquely accurate one, the Halacha that the non-Orthodox have merely forgotten but that all their ancestors invariably followed. Their assumption that all our great-great-grandparents grew… More ▸

  • Shidduch emergency crisis

    Shidduch vetting in the Orthodox world has gotten out of control, writes Tamar Snyder in the Wall Street Journal: Just as the economy is headed to recession, the shidduch system is in crisis mode. Or so the rabbis moan, noting the surplus of women eager to marry and the corresponding shortfall in the quality and… More ▸

  • No one said being an Orthodox woman cop would be easy

    The Lower Hudson Journal News published a story on Baile Glauber, an Orthodox woman who recently graduated from the Rockland Police Academy. A newly hired town police officer has been given Friday nights to Saturday evenings off to accommodate her religious beliefs. The special work schedule afforded Officer Baile J. Glauber has raised concerns among… More ▸

  • RCA speaks out against attempts to nullify conversions

    The Rabbinical Council of America has taken heat over a recent deal on conversions that critics describe as a complete capitulation to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. Well, in the latest conversion-related controversy, the RCA is speaking out against Israeli religious authorities: Rabbinical Council of America Reacts to Ruling of Israeli Rabbinical Appeals Court regarding Past… More ▸

  • Shrek, Haredi style

    Ynet headlines it a Haredi-style “West Side Story” – but it sounds more like Shrek: The bride’s parents objected, rabbis protested and the public took to the streets – but the young couple refused to give up. Against all odds and despite violent demonstrations outside the wedding hall, a young ultra-Orthodox woman from overseas and… More ▸

  • Where Haredi women go to look good and keep it modest

    Ha’aretz peeks behind the curtain of a beauty salon where Haredi women come to indulge (modestly) in a guilty pleasure: The Ye’elat Chen beauty salon, managed by Larrie, has been operating for 24 years in Jerusalem, not far from Mea Shearim and Kikar Shabbat. The side entrance on the main street is suited to women… More ▸