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  • Oscar nominations: Two Israeli films are nominated for best documentary feature

    The nominees for the 85th Academy Awards ceremony were announced earlier today. Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” ieads the nominations with 12, including best film and best director. On the Israeli side, despite not being nominated for the best foreign film (which is most likely to go to the Austrian film “Amour”), two Israeli documentary films are nominated for the Best… More ▸

  • 6 No Bacon’s Spectacular Oscar recap!

    It wasn’t the funniest Academy Awards show. It wasn’t the most surprising Academy Awards show. It was definitely not the most interesting Academy Awards show. But watching the Academy Awards is kind of like going to see that great aunt you only see once a year — it can be long, boring, even funny at times. But eventually, while you are glad to get it over with, you’re also glad you went.
    Except for a handful of moments, nothing exceptional went down last night. And despite the fact that the Israeli entry lost to the Iranians, it was a pretty good show.
    After the jump, highlights of the show from a Jewish perspective (or in other words, from a general perspective): More ▸

  • Birthday Haiku for Kirk Douglas

    **** With a “Lust for Life,” “Champion” “Out of the Past” Finds “Lust For Glory” **** Happy Birthday, Kirk Douglas (95). You’ve persevered through seemingly insurmountable challenges — especially blogging on Myspace into the year 2011. More ▸

  • Oscar-nominated JTA president would’ve turned 100 today

    Hey Google doodle — you missed one. Today is the one-hundredth birthday of Eleazar Lipsky, lawyer, Broadway-produced playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and former JTA president. Lipsky, son of Zionist leader Louis Lipsky, died from Leukemia at age 81. My personal favorite achievement from the Lipsky era at JTA below: [[READMORE]] J.T.A. Opens New Radio Printer Circuits to Latin American Lands… More ▸