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  • Pakistan May Be Sharing Nuclear Technology with Saudis, Some Worry

    Diplomatic concern is mounting over reports that Saudi Arabia is financing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program as a way of acquiring its own nuclear capability. Suspicions about Saudi unclear ambitions have been raised in diplomatic circles after revelations that Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz visited Pakistan’s secret nuclear facilities in May. An unnamed… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Pakistan’s Nuclear Capacity Worries Israel, Thrills Muslims

    What’s wrong with Pakistan’s nuclear capability? Only that it’s not Iranian, according to one Palestinian school of thought. While Israeli officials are reacting with dismay at the possibility that Pakistan’s recent nuclear tests could lead to a Muslim nation in possession of the nuclear bomb, many Palestinians received news of the tests with the same… More ▸

  • Diplomatic Flap with Pakistan Erupts After Israel Refuses an Entry to Gaza

    A diplomatic storm erupted this week over Israel’s refusal to allow a Pakistani ambassador to enter the Gaza Strip because he did not contact Israeli officials prior to the visit. Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto reportedly canceled her plans to visit Gaza next week as a result of the incident. Bhutto, whose predominantly Muslim country… More ▸

  • Israel’s Existence Threatened by Pakistan’s Quest for Nuclear Weapons

    Pakistan’s interest in obtaining nuclear weapons poses a threat to Israel’s existence and Congress should consider halting military aid, Sen. John Glenn (D. Ohio) said Monday. Glenn, testifying before the Senate Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Near East and South Asian Affairs, said there is strong evidence indicating that Pakistan is “manufacturing and testing components for… More ▸

  • Pakistan Bars European Commission Because Its Chairman is Jewish

    Pakistan has barred a European Parliamentary commission from entering its territory and meeting with Afghani refugees because the head of the commission is a Jewish deputy associated with Israel. The European Parliament in Strasbourg said it cancelled the visit which was due to have gone to Pakistan this week. The group barred from Pakistan is… More ▸

  • Pakistani President Assails Israel

    President Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan, speaking as chairman of the Islamic Conference, charged today that Israel is “the most destabilizing factor in the Middle East” and warned that the Palestinian problem could “explode at any moment.” In a speech to the UN General Assembly devoted mainly to the Iraqi-Iranian war, Zia said the Moslem world… More ▸

  • Arabs Divided on Indian-pakistani War

    The Indian-Pakistani war has seriously embarrassed the Arab world and has brought out differences hitherto obscured by the united Arab front against Israel, observers here noted today. The only Arab country supporting India outright is Iraq. The reason for Baghdad’s anti-Pakistan position, according to Israeli circles, is Pakistan’s close friendship with Iran with which Iraq… More ▸

  • UN Postpones Mideast Debate to Deal with Indian-pakistani War

    The postponement of the General Assembly’s Middle East debate because of the Indian-Pakistani crisis is a blow to Egypt, according to some Western diplomats here. According to others, the situation will not be much affected. The debate was postponed after this morning’s speech by Foreign Minister Amadou Karim Gaye of Senegal, who said that the… More ▸

  • Indian-pakistan War Pushes Mideast off Front Pages of General Press

    Newspapers around the world are paying notably little attention to the Middle East debate taking place in the United Nations General Assembly, according to a press survey by Israeli diplomatic missions abroad released today. Except in the countries directly concerned, reports of speeches by Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Riad and Foreign Minister Abba Eban of… More ▸