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Palestine Development Council

  • Dr. Weizmann and World Leadership

    To the Editor of the Jewish Daily Bulletin, Mr. Morris Rothenberg’s statement in Thursday morning’s Bulletin is an apt example of that demand for a state in which all minds must bend to one which some Zionists have maintained since 1920, and which has become popular in many countries. The “other” opinion is damned because… More ▸

  • Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters

    [The purpose of the Digest is informative: Preference is given to papers not generally accessible to our readers. Quotation does not indicate approval.–Editor.] The protest of a group of Jewish individuals against the alleged anti-Jewish discrimination by Tammany, based on the purported assertion of Norman E. Mack, one of Tammany’s chiefs, that a Jew can… More ▸

  • Four Communal Leaders Elected As New Members on the Executive of J.D.C.

    Jonah J. Goldstein, Dr. Henry Moskowitz, James H. Becker and Lewis L. Strauss Appointed on Felix Warburg’s Proposal The appointment of four new members to the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee was announced by the office of the Joint Distribution Committee. The new members of the Executive are Jonah J. Goldstein…. More ▸

  • Program of Palestine Work Announced by Palestine Economic Corporation

    A program of work to be undertaken in Palestine, was announced yesterday by Bernard Flexner, President of the Palestine Economic Corporation. The program places in the front rank, the necessity of assisting financially, in the completion of the Hydro-Electric station on the Jordan River, and the necessary transmission lines to connect the existing Diesel-engine power… More ▸

  • Palestine Development Council Has Annual Dinner

    The Palestine Development Council’s annual dinner at the Hotel Astor Tuesday evening was attended by 700 persons. Among the speakers were Ittamar Ben Avi, a native Palestinian, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, who presided. Professor Felix Frankfurter of the Harvard Law School and Jacob deHaas, Secretary of the Palestine Development Council, also spoke. More ▸