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Palestine Labor Federation

  • Jewish Community of Palestine Unanimous in Condemnation of Bombing, Killings

    Leading Jewish institutions throughout Palestine today continued to express the strongest condemnation of yesterday’s destruction of British military headquarters and the Palestine government’s offices in the King David Hotel here which was accompanied with great loss of life and injury to scores of Britons, Jews and Arabs. Speaking for the rabbinate, Chief Rabbi Ben Zion… More ▸

  • Curb Demonstration of Arab Women Before U.S. Consulate; Consul Receives Delegation

    A crowd of several hundred Arab women, both Christians and Moslems, who planned to demonstrate before the American consulate to protest the Anglo-American Palestine report, was halted today by a cordon of British police, but refused to disperse until a delegation was allowed to proceed to the consulate. The women marched from the El Aska… More ▸

  • Conflict Within Palestine Labor Federation to Be Aired at Conference in Tel Aviv

    Sharp differences within the Histadruth, the Palestine Federation of Labor, are expected to be aired here at the Histadruth Conference, which opened today. The conflict between the Palestine Labor Party, which has a majority within the Histadruth, and the opposition, consisting of the Hashomer Hazair and the “Movement for Labor Unity,” revolve around the following… More ▸

  • Non-party Members in Histadruth Vote to Join Palestine Labor Party

    A conference of nearly 1,900 delegates representing 20,633 members of the Histadruth, the Palestine Labor Federation, who are not affiliated with any of the parties represented in the Histadruth, has voted to join the Palestine Labor Party, it was announced today. The conference called on the opposition group within the Labor Party to rejoin the… More ▸

  • Greeks Lauded by Palestine Labor Federation for Aid to Jews in Greece

    The Greek Office of Information today made public here the text of a letter addressed to the Hellenic Government by David Remez, secretary general of Histadruth in Palestine, expressing thanks to the Greek people for the aid they have given to Jews in Greece. “We have had occasion to hear during the last session of… More ▸

  • Arabs in Palestine Not Yet Ready for Independence, London Times Says

    The Arab population of Palestine will probably take another twenty years to reach a point of maturity where it can take care of its own destiny, the London Times writes today. The article stresses the fact that “Jews have brought prosperity to Palestine, enabling the Arabs to enjoy lavish government services.” The Jewish population of… More ▸

  • Palestine Government Freezes Wages of War Workers; Histadruth Protests

    Wages of Palestine workers may not be increased in the future without the approval of the War Supply Board, under a regulation announced today by the Palestine Government. In a move designed to prevent inflation and to rationalize the use of manpower, the government decreed that wages are to be frozen at their present levels… More ▸

  • $570,000 Raised in U.S. for Histadruth War Program in 1941-42

    More than $570,000 was raised for the Histadruth, Palestine Labor Federation, during the fiscal year 1941-42, according to the annual report submitted by Isaac Hamlin, national secretary, at the annual meeting of the National Labor Committee for Palestine held at the Hotel Pennsylvania yesterday. This sum represented an increase of $93,000 over that of the… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency, Vaad Leumi Welcome Announcement of Palestine Regiment

    The Jewish Agency for Palestine and the Jewish National Council today issued official proclamations welcoming the establishment of a Palestine regiment, in which Jewish and Arab infantry battalions will serve. “The Jews of Palestine must prove worthy of this new opportunity,” the proclamation stated, appealing for thousands of additional Jewish volunteers. Official Jewish circles here… More ▸

  • New Law Empowers Palestine Government to Take Control over Important Enterprises

    With Nazi armies reported advancing deeper into Egyptian territory, the Palestine Government today published a decree empowering the Palestine administration to take over control of any enterprise in the country when needed in the interests of public safety, or for the efficient prosecution of the war, or for the maintenance of supplies and services, or… More ▸