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  • Argentina, Paraguay Deny Reports of Hezbollah Presence

    Reports that a squad of Hezbollah suicide bombers were found on Paraguay’s border with Argentina have been denied by authorities of both countries. Despite the denials, the so-called “triangle area” in northeastern Argentina, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay, was placed on alert after intelligence reports claimed that 20 suicide bombers had arrived in… More ▸

  • Paraguay Pledges to Open Nazi Files

    The president of Paraguay has promised Jewish officials that files on Nazis in the South American country would be opened. The files have been closed for 50 years. “Over the years Paraguay has been seen as a haven for Nazi war criminals,” said Sidney Clearfield, executive vice president of B’nai B’rith, the group that met… More ▸

  • Seven Extradited to Argentina Sue Government of Paraguay

    Seven Lebanese and Brazilian nationals who had been suspected of links to bombings of Jewish buildings in Buenos Aires are suing the Paraguayan government because of their recent extradition to Argentina. The seven – six Lebanese and one Brazilian – were extradited from Paraguay on July 23 in connection with an investigation into illegal stocks… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Probe into Argentine Attacks Shifts to Suspects in Paraguay

    Investigators searching for the perpetrators of two recent anti-Semitic terrorist attacks in Argentina are focusing their efforts on Ciudad del Este, a Paraguayan border crossing long known as Latin America’s contraband capital. The town, whose commerce is dominated by Arabs, may also be a hotbed of support for Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed and Lebanese-based terrorist group… More ▸

  • President of Paraguay Promises Wjc Access to Archives on Nazis

    The recently elected president of Paraguay has promised to allow researchers from the World Jewish Congress to inspect governmental archives on Nazi fugitives who found haven in Paraguay following World War II. President Juan Carlos Wasmosy told WJC President Edgar Bronfman during an hour-long meeting at WJC headquarters here last week that the organization could… More ▸

  • Paraguay Releases Files Saying Hitler Aide Died There in 1959

    Nazi war criminal Martin Bormann died in Paraguay in 1959, according to files of the Paraguayan police that were recently discovered and made public. The finding, if accurate, challenges a widespread belief that Bormann, who was one of Adolf Hitler’s top aides, committed suicide in Berlin in 1945. A report in the police files said… More ▸