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  • Paraguay to require more humane ways of kosher slaughter

    The decision comes months after the release of an undercover investigation by international and Israeli animal rights activists exposing the cruelty of the shackle-and-hoist method in one of the nation's largest slaughterhouses.

  • Natalie Portman to appear on a PETA postage stamp

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an organization that strives to get attention by showing how many famous people don’t eat animals or wear fur, and this time they chose a form of communication used daily by all of us: postage stamps. A new campaign, which will be launched tomorrow, features famous vegetarians throughout history,… More ▸

  • NYC carriage horse dies, Lea Michele is upset about it

    Lea Michele, a well-known animal lover and a celebrity spokesperson for PETA, was enraged over the recent death of a carriage horse in New York enraged. The Glee star tweeted her thoughts: Just woke up to the saddest news about one of the carriage horses dying the midtown NYC. This has to stop! Please:( Earlier… More ▸

  • Bar Reafaeli posed in fur, upsets PETA

    Bar Refaeli was just posing for a modeling campaign, this time for the French label BELAIR, but one photo of the Israeli supermodel wearing a coat made of real fox fur upset a bunch of animal lovers, especially PETA and its celebrity spokesperson, Pamela Anderson. Anderson sent Refaeli a letter saying, “You probably weren’t aware… More ▸