• Israel Trade Commissioner for Far East Named; Will Cover India, Japan, Philippines

    The appointment of F.W. Pollak as Israel’s first trade commissioner for the Far East was welcomed by Jewish business men here who are anxious to initiate trade relations with the Jewish state. Although Palestinian oranges were sold here during the British Mandate period, no Israel citrus or other products have been sold in Hong Kong… More ▸

  • Israel Delegation Returns Home After Completing Successful Mission in Philippines

    An Israel delegation sent to the Philippines to foster the development of air and commercial relations between the two nations returned here last night after successfully accomplishing its mission. The delegation was headed by Dr. Gershon Meron, economic adviser of the Foreign Ministry, and included Yaacov Shimoni and Michael Comay of the Foreign Ministry. The… More ▸

  • Pre-war Project for Settling 10,000 Refugees in Philippines Receiving New York

    The project for settling 10,000 refugees in the Philippine Islands, arrangements for which had been completed just prior to the out-break of the war, is receiving fresh consideration, it was disclosed today in the annual report of the Refugee Economic Corporation, which negotiated the original agreement with the Philippine Government. The report, which was issued… More ▸

  • Japanese Reported to Have Imposed Special “war Taxes” on Jews in Philippines

    The Japanese occupation administration in the Philippine Islands has imposed a special “war tax” on all Jews, according to a report appearing in the “Deutsche Beobachter in Asian,” a copy of which was received here today. The German report states that “wealthy” Jews, who own real estate and big business concerns will be forced to… More ▸

  • Japan’s New Policy of Anti-semitism Attacked by President of Philippines

    President Manuel L. Quezon of the Philippine Commonwealth today called Japan’s new policy of anti-Semitism a tribute to the patriotism of Jews in the occupied islands. Praising Philippine Jews as “quiet, energetic and productive,” he expressed the hope that he would be able to work with them again after the war in accordance with the… More ▸

  • No Casualties Among 1,500 Jewish Refugees in Philippines Despite Japanese Bombings

    A cable from the Refugee Committee in Manilla stated: “No casualties among transient, old time Jewish refugees.” Most of the refugees have been in the Philippines for several years. Some came there directly and others finally settled there after leaving Shanghai. A small group, now stranded in Manila, were on their way to the United… More ▸

  • Orthodox Jewish Community Founded in Philippines

    Establishment of the first orthodox Jewish community in the Philippine Islands has been achieved by the Agudath Israel youth group recently formed in Manila. A member of this group was sent to Shanghai to study shechita (kosher slaughter) there. The Agudist organization in New York furnished the necessary funds and religious requisites, the London Agudah… More ▸

  • Youngberg Named to Direct Philippines Refugee Settlement; Sails Thursday

    The Refugee Economic Corporation announced today that it has engaged Dr. Stanton Youngberg to direct the settlement of an initial group of 600 to 800 refugees on the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines. He will embark on the steamship Klipfontein from Los Angeles on Thursday to take up his duties. Dr. Youngberg was executive… More ▸