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  • A brief interview with Nathan Englander

    Nathan Englander today at the President’s Conference JTA’s Israel correspondent Dina Kraft speaks with author Nathan Englander who participated in a panel discussion on Jewish literature today at the President’s Conference in Jerusalem. [audio:/images/archive/051408_kraft_englander.mp3] Audio sound funny? Upgrade your Flash player. To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. More ▸

  • Justice @ 60

    Liberal Jewish groups have had a less full throated reaction to the hoopla surrounding Israel’s 60th, tempering their celebrations with reminders of the still unfulfilled promise of Israel’s creation. Rabbis For Human Rights-North America’s celebration, held Thursday at the southwest entrance to Central Park, billed itself as an “alternative” ceremony. Debbie Friedman was there, guitar… More ▸

  • Yom Haatzmaut in NYC

    Last night, JTA staffers Ben Harris and Uriel Heilman attended different events here in NYC, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding. Having had to turn down an opportunity to attend last night’s big concert at Radio City, I sat down with them both to find out what I missed. [audio:/images/archive/050808_yom_haatzmaut.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s… More ▸

  • Goldberg on Israel

    The cover of this month’s Atlantic Monthly asks, “Is Israel Finished?” But Jeffrey Goldberg, who wrote the magazine’s lead article, says he’s proud of the Jewish state and brings his kids there almost every year. Hear his full interview with JTA here. [audio:/images/archive/050608_goldberg_harris.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. (If, when… More ▸

  • Progressive Jews get ‘Righteously Indignant’ at Boston conference

    Earlier this week I attended the Righteous Indignation Conference, a three-day forum and workshop which provided a forum for progressive Jewish activists to share best practices, discuss current strategies and build community among each other. The event, which took place at Hebrew College in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, brought together over 100 Jewish activists from around… More ▸

  • Senate Dems meet with Jewish leaders

    On Wednesday morning Senate Democrats held their annual powwow with Jewish organizational leaders. Shortly after the meeting, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan briefed members of the Jewish media. [audio:/images/archive/041608_stabenow.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. On a side note: If, when listening via the audio player on our site, our… More ▸

  • J Street press conference audio

    Here’s the audio from today’s press conference about the launch of J Street, the new dovish pro-Israel PAC. [audio:/images/archive/041508_jstreet_press_conference.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. More ▸

  • Shatner does Exodus

    It’s hard to imagine anyone filling Charlton Heston’s Mosaic shoes. But then again, you haven’t listened to “Exodus: An Oratorio,” starring ? William Shatner. My story on the new CD is up (just in time for Passover). And here’s the Podcast of my interview with the Star Terk and Boston Legal star. [audio:/images/archive/041408_shatner_eden.mp3] This is… More ▸

  • JTA’s Ron Kampeas goes 1-on-1 with Barack Obama

    JTA’s Ron Kampeas had an exclusive phone interview with Barack Obama earlier today. Among other things, Obama said that it was important for both Israelis and Palestinians to live up to their agreements. Full interview (sorry, the quality isn’t perfect): [audio:/images/archive/040809_obama_kampeas.mp3] For those interested in the Jewciest moment of the discussion, here’s a clip of… More ▸

  • Peres: The Eternal Optimist

    Photo by Brian Hendler/JTA Israeli President Shimon Peres talks with JTA Israel correspondent Dina Kraft about how Israel needs to change to meet the energy needs of the 21st century, why Israel’s battle with Islamic extremists is really the world’s battle, and why he’s still optimistic about Israel’s future after all these years. [audio:/images/archive/040808_peres_kraft.mp3] To… More ▸