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Prussian Federation of Jewish Communitie

  • Pomeranian Towns Get Own District Rabbinate

    The Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities has decided to set up a district rabbinate for Pomerania. The seat of the rabbinate will be at Schivel-bean. The district will comprise the following communities: Lebis – Wangerin, Regenwalde, Dramburg, Bad Polzin, Belgard, Kolberg, Koslin, Bublitz, Pollnow, Neustettin, Barwalde, Falkenburg and Tempelburg. More ▸

  • J. D. B. News Letter

    Would proletarianization lead to de-Judaization, was one of the questions discussed at the ninth annual conference of the Federation of Jewish Youth Organizations of Germany, held recently at Frankfurt, in dealing with the urgent need of changing the occupational structure of German Jewry to adapt it to the new economic situation. In regard to the… More ▸

  • Unification of All Jewish Communities in Germany to Be Effected: Basis of Agreement Reached

    The meeting of representatives of the Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities, and of the South German Federations of Jewish Communities held yesterday at Baden-Baden to consider the question of constituting an All-German Federation of Jewish Communities, has agreed on decisions, the J.T.A. is informed, that justify the assumption that complete understanding will be reached on… More ▸

  • German Jews Organise to Fight Anti-jewish Boycott

    A joint committee of all Jewish parties has been formed under the leadership of the Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities to fight against the anti-Jewish economic boycott by creating Jewish co-operative organisations. The joint committee includes the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith, the German Zionist Federation, the German B’nai B’rith, the German… More ▸