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  • Purim Observed in Jewish Schools and in Synagogues Throughout Country

    Major rabbinical organizations issued Purim statements today stressing the theme of the victory of freedom over tyranny marking the festival of Purim which began at sundown this evening. The holiday commemorates the downfall of Haman, the ancient Persian Minister who sought to wipe out the Jewish population. Religious Jews in cities throughout the country ushered… More ▸

  • Jerusalem Celebrates Purim with ‘march of Disguises’ in City

    While the remainder of Israel wound up Purim celebrations last night, residents of Jerusalem began the observance of the holiday marking the defeat of Haman in the ancient Persian kingdom of Ahasuerus. Jerusalem follows the tradition of ancient “walled cities” in celebrating Purim on the 15th of Adar instead of on the 14th in all… More ▸

  • Jewish Commuters Celebrate Purim on Train; Megillah Read by Rabbi

    Seventy commuters celebrated Purim yesterday, on a Long Island passenger train, complete with a reading of the Megillah and the happy noise of graggers. The idea of bringing the celebration to commuters who might otherwise miss it was conceived by Rabbi Theodore Jungreis of the Bethpage Jewish Community Center. The celebration was started at the… More ▸

  • Many Injured in Two Incidents During Purim Festivities in Tel Aviv

    The celebration of Purim festivities in Tel Aviv last night was marred by two incidents which caused burns and other injuries to hundreds of celebrants including many children. In the first accident, someone released a huge flare bomb which caused burns to many and injuries to others as the crowd panicked. Scores of persons, standing… More ▸

  • Exhibit of Ancient Megillahs Marks Celebration of Purim in New York

    The Jewish Museum here will mark the celebration of Purim–which starts tonight–with the opening of an exhibit of four megillot, handwritten Purim scrolls, dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, and loaned to the museum by the Bezalel National Museum in Jerusalem. The four scrolls, all of them illustrated by hand, include a 17th… More ▸

  • Jerusalem Streets Full with Children Celebrating Purim

    Thousands of Jerusalem’s youngsters gaily celebrated the Feast of Esther today, romping through the streets in the costumes of Queen Esther, the wicked Haman and dressed like American cowboys and Indians who have some how become attached to the ancient Hebrew tradition. The youngsters showed Israel’s increasing interest and association with the Afro-Asian countries by… More ▸

  • 500, 000 Crowd Tel Aviv Streets in Purim Carnival; 10, 000 in Beersheba

    All of Israel celebrated Purim today and, as usual, the most joyous celebration took place in this Israeli metropolis. Last night, the Weather Bureau had, at first, promised rain for today. However, by morning, the skies cleared, and heavy traffic from all over Israel crowded all roads leading to Tel Aviv. Half a million persons… More ▸

  • Jewish Soldiers in French Army in Algiers Get Purim Gift Parcels

    Purim parcels were distributed yesterday to 650 Jews serving with the French Army here in Algeria, as well as to wounded Jewish soldiers in the French Army hospitals here. Under the aegis of Rabbi I. Kamoun, chief Jewish army chaplain in Algeria, the parcels were prepared with the aid of the Army’s social service department… More ▸

  • Purim Celebrations Start Tonight; U.S. Servicemen to Observe Holiday

    Jewish members of the U.S. Armed Forces at American military installations around the world will celebrate the merry holiday of Purim which starts at sundown tomorrow with the reading of the Megillah, the Book of Esther in the Bible. Jewish chaplains will conduct services and the National Jewish Welfare Board has shipped food packages and… More ▸

  • Thousands Celebrate Purim in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Streets

    A festive Purim atmosphere dominated Israel today with thousands of children and youth in fancy dresses filling the streets and adults frolicking at fancy dress balls. The festivities were climaxed in midday when several thousand young people participated in a youth carnival which attracted thousands of Israelis who had flocked into Tel Aviv starting early… More ▸