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  • 2,000 Moscow Jews Attended Purim Services in Main Synagogue

    Two thousand Jews jammed the Central Synagogue in Moscow beyond the 1,500-capacity of the sanctuary when the Book of Esther, or Megillah, was read in the synagogue last Saturday night, the eve of Purim, according to a report received here today from Moscow. Many of the Jews in attendance at the Purim celebration in the… More ▸

  • Purim Celebrations Marred in Israel by Rains and Economic Problems

    Israel’s economic difficulties coupled with unusually severe weather conditions seriously curtailed this year’s Purim celebrations today with many outdoor festivities canceled because of an unseasonal snow in Jerusalem and extremely heavy and prolonged rains in other parts of the country. The rains, which continued without interruption for a second day, flooded the open air facilities… More ▸

  • Lubavitcher Rebbe Calls Upon American Jewry to Observe Purim

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, today issued a call to American Jewry to observe the Purim holiday in full accordance with its traditional meaning. The Rebbe called upon Jewish spiritual leaders to inform their congregants, and educators and parents to teach their students and children, about the proper observance of the festival. He… More ▸

  • Purim Celebrated Throughout Israel with Parades and Services

    Israel celebrated Purim in traditional manner this weekend, reading of the Book of Esther being observed at all synagogue services throughout the country last night, while parades, highlighted by floats and costumed children, featured the observances in all cities and settlements. President Zalman Shazar, who is on a short visit to Tiberias, attended services at… More ▸

  • Purim Festivities Start in Israel; Street Carnival Today in Tel Aviv

    Purim festivities began here this evening with the reading of Megillath Esther in the Great Synagogue where a large crowd gathered. Children in masks began filling the streets tonight, impatiently awaiting tomorrow’s traditional Adloyada carnival parade which will pass through the main streets of the city. More ▸

  • U.S. Embassy Children Celebrate Purim in Moscow Synagogue;leave Scrolls

    A group of children from the American Embassy in Moscow joined with worshippers in Moscow’s Central Synagogue last night in celebrating Purim, it was reported here today from the Soviet capital. The children came on a bus provided by the Embassy carrying Purim noise-makers provided by the Israel Embassy. They included Protestants, Catholics and Jews…. More ▸

  • Purim Observed in Jewish Schools and in Synagogues Throughout Country

    Major rabbinical organizations issued Purim statements today stressing the theme of the victory of freedom over tyranny marking the festival of Purim which began at sundown this evening. The holiday commemorates the downfall of Haman, the ancient Persian Minister who sought to wipe out the Jewish population. Religious Jews in cities throughout the country ushered… More ▸

  • Jerusalem Celebrates Purim with ‘march of Disguises’ in City

    While the remainder of Israel wound up Purim celebrations last night, residents of Jerusalem began the observance of the holiday marking the defeat of Haman in the ancient Persian kingdom of Ahasuerus. Jerusalem follows the tradition of ancient “walled cities” in celebrating Purim on the 15th of Adar instead of on the 14th in all… More ▸

  • Jewish Commuters Celebrate Purim on Train; Megillah Read by Rabbi

    Seventy commuters celebrated Purim yesterday, on a Long Island passenger train, complete with a reading of the Megillah and the happy noise of graggers. The idea of bringing the celebration to commuters who might otherwise miss it was conceived by Rabbi Theodore Jungreis of the Bethpage Jewish Community Center. The celebration was started at the… More ▸

  • Many Injured in Two Incidents During Purim Festivities in Tel Aviv

    The celebration of Purim festivities in Tel Aviv last night was marred by two incidents which caused burns and other injuries to hundreds of celebrants including many children. In the first accident, someone released a huge flare bomb which caused burns to many and injuries to others as the crowd panicked. Scores of persons, standing… More ▸