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  • Gestapo Leaders Who Directed Murder of Jews Captured in Poland by Survivors

    Bertold Gross, Nazi “liquidator” of the Jewish ghetto in Kosow, Galicia, who is directly responsible for the murder of 4,000 Kosow Jews, was arrested this week in Jelenia Gora, the former Silesian town of Hirschberg, after being recognized in the street by a Jewish woman whose child he had buried alive in a Mass-grave, after… More ▸

  • Belgian Women from Ravensbruk Camp Force Authorities to Repatriate Alien Jews

    Belgian women in Sweden, en route home from the notorious Ravensbruck concentration camp, threatened to refuse repatriation unless foreign Jews who also had been deported from Belgium by the Germans were taken along, it was revealed here today by Suzanne Gregoire, one of the internees, in an interview with the newspaper Le Drapeau Rouge. When… More ▸

  • German Plan to Kill All Jews in Theresienstadt Thwarted by Rapid Advance of Red Army

    A German plan to kill all Jews in Theresidenstadt in special “gas chambers” was foiled almost at the last minute, the London Times reports today in a letter from Theresienstadt. The letter reveals that “bathing establishments” for gassing the interned Jews had already been prepared, but the doors for these chambers were returned three times… More ▸

  • 1,000 More Jews from German Camps Expected to Arrive in Switzerland This Week

    Another contingent of Jews released from German concentration camps — consisting of about 1,000 persons – is expected to arrive in Geneva within the next few days, it is reported today by Reuter’s. It was learned here today that a group of 137 Jews, the majority of them holders of Turkish passports, are included in… More ▸