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  • The Drake-Chris Brown feud, explained by adorable owls

    The ultimate music wars of the 2010s has finally arrived!
    The two main contenders are Drake, the Jewish-Canadian recently-re-bar-mitzvah’d rapper, and Chris Brown, America’s bad boy.
    Last week, the two got into a pretty nasty brawl at a New York nightclub, and although the story is far from over, we decided to explain all that has allegedly happened so far using owls.
    (We understand that some of the allegations should not be joked about, but this fight is so ridiculous it deserves an appropriate treatment.)
    It’s gonna be a hoot.
    In 2008, Chris Brown and Rihanna began dating

    Rihanna, a singer from Barbados made famous for her hit songs “SOS,” “Umbrella,” “Don’t Stop The Music” and “Only Girl (In The World)“. Chris Brown is known for hit songs like “Kiss Kiss” and “Look at me now.” The two met at Rihanna’s 20th party in 2008 (Brown was not even 19!) and hit it off. More ▸

  • Is Rihanna latest celebrity to study Kabbalah?

    The Hollywood rumor mill has been working overtime lately, with a very interesting new match that has been brewing for at least eight weeks – R&B star Rihanna and “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher. Rihanna was spotted last week leaving Kutcher’s home, and apparently friends of the two say that they are… More ▸

  • Gene Simmons calls Rihanna ‘fake karaoke’

    Things that never change: the sun shines every morning, the Cubs never win a world series, Yom Kippur comes a week after Rosh Hashanna and Gene Simmons of KISS just always has to rant about something. Last year, Simmons bashed President Obama on CNBC for his 1967 borders speech, saying that Obama “has no f****g idea what he… More ▸