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Roger Cohen

  • What’s changed in 20 years

    Though I’d prefer not be bothered to comment on the latest narishkeit from New York Times columnist Roger Cohen, I’ve been urged to do so by readers. So here goes, after a taste of Cohen’s latest missive. He writes: Little has changed in 20 years. After Bush 41 and Baker, we got Clinton’s love affair… More ▸

  • On Abdullah’s mind

    How does Roger Cohen know what Saudi King Abdullah is thinking, or what he’s telling the Obama administration in private? According to Cohen’s reading of the situation, in a May 17 online column in The New York Times, The Saudis have been incensed by how U.S. policy has favored “the Persians” — as they refer… More ▸

  • The Israel-America clash

    "The sparring between the United States and Israel has begun, and that’s a good thing," writes Roger Cohen in his online column for Sunday’s New York Times. He continues: Israel’s interests are not served by an uncritical American administration. The Jewish state emerged less secure and less loved from Washington’s post-9/11 Israel-can-do-no-wrong policy. Perhaps. But… More ▸

  • Cohen: Two-state solution essential for Jewish state

    With Bibi Netanyahu dithering about supporting a Palestinian state, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen argues that the two-state solition is critical to Israel’s survival as a Jewish state: The population of Arabs in the Holy Land, at about 5.4 million, will one day overtake the number of Jews. So a two-state solution is essential… More ▸

  • Stop at the fold

    If you stop reading Roger Cohen’s latest column on Iran in The New York Times before the fold (yes, some of us still read the actual newspaper), Cohen’s argument appears well-considered and interesting. But things turn sour if you read all the way to the end. During the Bush years, Cohen writes in "Realpolitik for… More ▸

  • Clarifying the debate about Roger Cohen

    A piece in Sunday’s U.K. Guardian takes a belated look at the controversy surrounding New York Times columnist Roger Cohen and his columns about Iran, Jews in Iran and Israel. The piece reports: A row has broken out over allegations of antisemitism at the New York Times, America’s most vaunted name in journalism and a… More ▸

  • Roger Cohen’s wishful thinking

    If Roger Cohen’s reporting is anything like his assessment of President Obama’s Nowruz message to Iran, we were right to be suspicious of his journalism from Iran. On Sunday, The New York Times columnist again used a column about Iran to swipe at Israel — this, several days after an appearance at an L.A. synagogue… More ▸

  • Rabbi Wolpe on Roger Cohen’s trip to La-La Land

    After New York Times columnist Roger Cohen went to an L.A. synagogue to defend his views on Iran and the state of the Jews there, the synagogue’s rabbi, David Wolpe, penned his impressions of the encounter on The Huffington Post: Increasingly I came to believe that Iran was not Cohen’s sole concern; he wanted it… More ▸

  • Debating Roger Cohen

    New York Times columnist Roger Cohen sparred with members of Los Angeles’ Iranian Jewish community about his recent columns on Iranian Jews. JTA has the story, and the L.A. Jewish Journal has the video from the synagogue forum last Thursday night. Cohen offers his own reflections of the event in his column on Monday. This… More ▸