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  • Teacher must learn about Holocaust

    To the Editor: I would like to have that teacher explain how she can say “the Holocaust did not happen when more than 7 million Jews plus Catholics, Gypsies and others were murdered by the Nazis. I also wish to add I was born in Berlin, Germany, only one day before Hitler became chancellor. I… More ▸

  • Fewer Than 10,000 Survive of 234,000 Jews Depoted from Western Europe, U.S. Army Says

    Fewer than 10,000 of the 234,000 Jews deported to Germany and Poland from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway during the Nazi occupation have returned to their homelands, according to the first statistical review on the subject prepared by U.S. military authorities. It appears from the review, which was released today, that fewer than five… More ▸

  • Jewish Prisoners Forced to Manufacture Forged Documents Placed on Katyn Forest Victims

    Jewish prisoners at Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany were forced to manufacture false identification documents which the Nazis planted in the mass grave of Polish prisoners killed by the camp Gestapo and buried in Katyn Forest, it has been revealed by a former Norwegian prisoner at the camp, Erich Johansen, according to the Noregian embassy… More ▸

  • Heilmann, German Socialist, Dies in Concentration Camp

    Ernst Heilmann, former Social Democrat leader in Prussia, has died in the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, it was learns today from a reliable source. Heilmann, who in pre-Hitler days was known as the “uncrowned king of Prussia,” was imprisoned by the Nazis immediately after their accession to power. He was reported to have been… More ▸

  • Baranowski, Nazi Camp Master, Known As ‘bloody Herman’

    “Bloody Herman” Baranowski, notorious commander of the Sachaenhausen concentration camp in Germany, has died at the age of 55, the Nazi newspaper Voelkischer Beobachter reported today. Death was attributed to a “long and painful illness.” Baranowski, whose prisoners have included such men as Pastor Martin Niemoeller gained his nickname from the frequently fatal floggings administered… More ▸

  • Nazis Seen Blocking Further Exodus of Jews on Military Grounds

    A United Press dispatch from Berlin said today that the Nazi authorities were considering the advisability of blocking further Jewish emigration because they viewed as dangerous the possibility that Jews will enter enemy services or impart vital information. The dispatch added that emigration to Palestine has been banned for Jews of military age. High death… More ▸

  • 200 Released from Sachsenhausen

    Geneva advices said today that 200 Polish Jews have been released from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany under the Soviet-Nazi "affidavit agreement" under which they may proceed to Soviet Poland to join relatives who have filed affidavits guaranteeing their support. The same advices reported that the Nazis have prepared a list of 300 more… More ▸

  • Soviet Clarifies Status in Occupied Area

    The status of Poles and Jews in Soviet-occupied Poland was clarified by an announcement reaching Paris today that the population would be classified into the following three categories: (1) Those born in the area now occupied by Russia will automatically be considered Soviet citizens whether or not they wish to be; (2) Those born in… More ▸