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  • Sderot children stretch and pet away stress of rockets

    Forget for the moment the threat of Kassam rockets and .122 mm mortar shells that constantly hangs in the Sderot air, we on the UJC media trip are getting bombarded with site visits to see program after program paid for in part by the UJC and implemented by JDC and JAFI. There is no way… More ▸

  • Sderot’s women watchers

    Much of the safety of Sderot depends on a bunch of teenage girls who sit around all day watching television. The Nachal Oz Army base, just 700 meters from the border of Gaza, is home to a surveillance station that oversees 40 square kilometers of the Gaza Strip. While the base deploys male soldiers to… More ▸

  • The Fundermentalist on assignment

    As I mentioned earlier, I am currently on assignment in Israel, checking out how the UJC, the JDC and JAFI are spending money to help the citizens of Sderot, who have been under Hamas rocket fire for almost eight years now. I’m with a mission that includes a half dozen or so editors of Jewish… More ▸