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  • Behind the Headlines: in Ethnically Mixed Serbian Town, a Community Recalls Wwii Deportations

    In the gloriously ornate, tragically abandoned synagogue in this ethnically mixed town in Serbia’s Vojvodina province, a Roman Catholic choir sings “Shalom Aleichem” to an audience of Hungarians, Serbs, Croats and Jews. The song was part of a unique ecumenical service that joined Yugoslavia’s only rabbi, Cadik Danon, with local Catholic, Protestant and Serbian Orthodox… More ▸

  • Kahane Chai Leader Shows Support for Serbian Side of Yugoslav War

    As hundreds of people gathered before Toronto’s stately Ontario parliament buildings earlier this month to remember those killed by the Nazis, a speaker from New York drew a taut connection between the Jewish people’s history and the situation in the former Yugoslavia. Then he led the crowd in a chant. Serbska! Judea! Serbska! Judea! Serbska… More ▸

  • Gore Assails Serbian Atrocities, Criticizes Bush’s Foreign Policy

    Recent German manifestations of anti-Semitism and attacks on foreigners must be seen against the backdrop of the world’s acquiescence to the “ethnic cleansing” in Serbia, Democratic vice presidential candidate Albert Gore Jr. said in a nationwide broadcast. The senator from Tennessee spoke Friday to Jewish leaders in 27 communities via a satellite video hookup sponsored… More ▸

  • Serbian Orthodox Church Reaches out to Jewish Community

    The Serbian Orthodox Church, anxious to make amends for a grossly anti-Semitic article in the most recent issue of its magazine “Pravoslaulje” (Orthodoxy), may cleanse its religious textbooks of provocatively anti-Semitic references. The church synod has apologized for publishing a piece titled “Jews are Crucifying Christ Again” in last month’s edition of the Patriarchate’s publication… More ▸

  • Serbian Leader Positive on Israel

    Serbia, one of the six socialist republics comprising Yugoslavia, has established good relations with Israel on all levels, according to its secretary of state for foreign affairs, Alexander Prija. On a visit here, Prija said he hoped diplomatic relations would be established between Yugoslavia and Israel, a matter he has already raised with the federal… More ▸

  • Sholem Aleichem Story Published in Serbian in Yugoslavia

    The Yugoslav journal “Jezh” published in its last issue a full translation of a story by Sholem Aleichem translated into Serbian. There are few translations from the Yiddish into Serbian because the overwhelming majority of Yugoslav Jews are of Sephardic origin and not at home with Yiddish. More ▸

  • German Court Drops Proceedings Against Slayer of Serbian Jews

    Legal proceedings against a Nazi diplomat convicted of responsibility for the killing of thousands of Serbian Jews have been suspended by the Bamberg Court of Assizes because “the defendant cannot be found.” The fugitive from justice is Counsellor of Legation Franz Rademacher, who headed the Jewish section of the German Foreign Office and was instrumental… More ▸

  • Ex-gestapo Chief for Serbia on Trial for Mass Murders

    The trial of Emanuel Schaefer, former Gestapo chief in Serbia, on charges of complicity in the murder of 6,000 Serbian Jews, opened in Cologne yesterday. Schaefer, who is currently serving a sentence based on membership in the Gestapo, is accused of having ordered Jewish women and children loaded into specially constructed vehicles in which they… More ▸