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Shahs of Sunset

  • Meet Esther, the new (Jewish?) ‘Queen of Persia’

    Remember Esther, the “Queen of Persia” contestant who scored big points with the audience — and the king — when she touched his scepter (no innuendo intended) during the final date round? Well it turns out the winner of the Bravo reality series might just be a member of the tribe. And you know how… More ▸

  • Watch: Reza from ‘Shahs of Sunset’ in bed with Joan Rivers

    This week on Joan Rivers’ e-talk show “In Bed With Joan” is Reza Farahan, of “Shahs of Sunset” semi-fame. For those unfamiliar with  “Shahs,” the thickly mustachioed Farahan has an unusual background, which he immediately shares with us here. “My dad’s a Jew, and my mom’s a Muslim,” he announces the very instant he pops… More ▸

  • ‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3 premieres tonight

    This evening kicks off season three of Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” a show that appears to possibly be worse for the Jews than another Bravo reality show we love to (mostly) hate, “Princesses: Long Island.” While “Shahs,” set in Los Angeles’ Persian community is not, like it’s Jappy sibling, a specifically Jewish show  — the… More ▸

  • ‘Princesses’ premiere recap: Meet the ladies of Long Island

    Bravo, the network that brought us cultural gems like the “Real Housewives” franchise and “Shahs of Sunset” has added a new reality show to its lineup. “Princesses: Long Island” is here people, and unfortunately, it appears to be just as bad for the Jews as we’d assumed it would be. Like its predecessors, the program… More ▸