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  • Focus on Family: in Time of Violence and Turmoil, Shavuot Reminds Us of Vital Rules

    “Oreos for breakfast,” Danny, my 8-year-old cookie monster, advocates. “No set bed time,” says Gabe, 12, the nocturnal son. “Mountain bike-riding in place of school,” adds Jeremy, 10, the future triathlete. These are my sons’ answers to the question I pose: If all rules were suspended, what would you do? Zack, 15, rolls his eyes… More ▸

  • Recipes for Shavuot – a Vegetarian’s Delight

    Recipes for Shavuot — A vegetarian’s delight Famous for dairy foods, Shavuot favors vegetarians. “It’s a big relief to browse around a table and know I can eat everything,” says a 20-something editorial assistant who hasn’t touched red meat in 10 years. At other holidays, her main course consists of side dishes. “Shavuot is the… More ▸

  • Shavuot Feature: Reform Jews Embrace Tradition of Shavuot Holiday Torah Study

    Shavuot will be about more than eating the traditional dairy foods — blintzes and cheesecake — for Jonathan Eisenthal this year. Eisenthal, the stay-at-home father of a 4-year-old daughter and newborn son in St. Paul, Minn., will for the first time be devoting the night of the Shavuot festival to studying Torah in a traditional… More ▸

  • Shavuot Feature (2): Marking the Top 10 Values Guiding Modern Jewish Life

    In the 16th century, the mystics of Safed revitalized Shavuot observance with a brilliant form of adult education — an intellectual seder called “tikkun layl Shavuot.” They put together a selection of the entire Jewish tradition that could be studied in one night. In an age of sound bites, an all night test is too… More ▸

  • Shavuot Feature: Shavuot; the Unfinished Holiday

    Among the three biblical pilgrimage holidays, Shavuot appears to be short, undeveloped and damaged by history. Biblically, it is observed for one day – now two in the Diaspora for traditional Jews – with no distinctive commandments comparable to the matzah and seder of Passover or the sukkah, lulav and etrog of Sukkot. Sadly, the… More ▸

  • Shavuot Feature: Kugel and Blintzes Customary on Holiday Commemorating Torah

    Shavuot, which is celebrated seven weeks after Passover, commemorates the receiving of the Torah by Moses on Mount Sinai. It is customary to serve dairy foods, such as kugel and blintzes, during Shavuot. But fat-conscious dieters need not fret, because favorite recipes can be modified to meet today’s nutritional standards without significantly affecting the basic… More ▸

  • Shavuot: Going to Sinai Again

    More than 90 percent of American Jews participate in some sort of seder on Passover in remembrance of the Exodus. Probably less than 10 percent of American Jews commemorate the Sinai revelation on Shavuot. Not until we correct the imbalance will American Jewish life experience a renaissance. Religiously speaking, Sinai is the twin peak of… More ▸

  • Terrorists Who Attacked Beaches on Shavuot Sentenced to 30 Years

    A Lod military court on Monday sentenced to 30 years in prison the 12 Arab terrorists captured in a failed attempt to attack crowded beaches near Tel Aviv on the Shavuot holiday. The 12 accused, all between 20 and 30 years old, were convicted last month of membership in a terrorist organization, illegal possession of… More ▸