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  • Goering’s neice still making amends

    First she fled home. Then she had her tubes tied. Now she’s coming to Israel. It’s all part of the atonement process for the grand-niece of notorious Nazi leader Hermann Goering, Hitler’s deputy. The Associated Press has a feature on Bettina Goering’s upcoming visit to the Jewish state and her quest for to cleanse herself… More ▸

  • Kristallnacht unearthed

    My mother-in-law is one of the thousands of German-born Jews who still can recall with horror Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, the pogrom 70 years ago that marked the beginning of the end. The memory of watching her Jewish school burn as a 9-year-old child is seared into her brain. Her story and others’… More ▸

  • Pope Pius XII revisited

    The debate over what Pope Pius XII did or didn’t do to save the Jews during the Nazi era continues to roil. The latest effort to cleanse the record of the pope who is on the path to sainthood came at a symposium in Rome this week where an American Jew led the charge. As… More ▸

  • The Jets and Giants and Nazi collaborators

    Will a company with a Nazi past and a history of cooperating with Hitler win the naming rights for the new NFL stadium for the Giants and Jets? More than six decades ago, Allianz, a Munich-based insurer and financial services company, insured facilities and personnel at concentration camps like Auschwitz and Dachau, had a chief… More ▸

  • Happy hundredth Andre

    Andre Steiner, the last living member of an underground network that saved thousands of Slovakian Jews during the Holocaust, turns 100 today. A profile by The Associated Press recounts how Steiner was in his 20s when the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia. An architect, he went to work designing work camps while plotting with other Jewish workers… More ▸

  • Hitchens’ good war — against Pat Buchanan

    Writing in Newsweek, Christopher Hitchens takes aim at Pat Buchanan’s new book, “Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War.” Hitchens levels several damning criticisms, including this one about Buchanan’s view of the Holocaust: As the book develops, Buchanan begins to unmask his true colors more and more. It is one thing to make the case that… More ▸