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  • Stuart Eizenstat on Israel’s resitution problem

    Earlier today, JTA correspondent Dina Kraft had the opportunity to speak with Stuart Eizenstat, who served as an adviser, undersecretary and ambassador under the Clinton and Carter administrations. Mr. Eizenstat discussed Holocaust restitution in Israel, the challenges posed by Iran’s nuclear program, and Jimmy Carter’s recent visit with Hamas. [audio:/images/archive/051408_kraft_eizenstat.mp3] Audio sound funny? Upgrade your… More ▸

  • Yom HaShoah roundup

    A blogger at the Guardian argues that the Holocaust and continuing examples of “muderous anti-Semitism” justifies Israel’s existence. A survivor of Buchenwald writes in the Jerusalem Post that the hatred of Jews knows no bounds and the way to respond is with strength. In Ha’aretz: “How a non-Jew living in Israel came to understand the… More ▸

  • Israeli education crisis!

    Quick, convene a conference, someone is falling down on the job: “Israeli Teens Don’t Fear Another Holocaust.” Oh, false alarm. According to the new ADL survey in question, a majority of Israeli teens do think their country is under “serious threat” of destruction. Here’s the full press release: Jerusalem, April 30, 2008 … On the… More ▸

  • Ben Stein’s anti-evolution film raises hackles

    Did Darwin’s theory of evolution provoke the Holocaust? That’s the claim being advanced by actor/economist Ben Stein in his new film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Called “one of the sleaziest documentaries to arrive in a very long time” by the New York Times, the film, which debuted last week to dismal modest* box office response,… More ▸

  • The almost Olympic boycott of 1936

    ESPN looks back at the almost-successful attempt to get the United States to boycott the 1936 Berlin Olympics: Seventy-two years ago this summer, Hitler’s Germany played host to the Games of the Eleventh Olympiad in Berlin. The games are now best remembered for the brilliance of Jesse Owens – who won four gold medals –… More ▸

  • The other Frank girl

    The New Jersey Jewish News reports on a new musical comedy that looks at life in the annex from the perspective of Anne Frank’s little sister. (What’s next – “Long Night,” a comic romp on Auschwitz from the perspective of an inmate having to listen to Elie Wiesel moralize all the time?): What if Margot,… More ▸

  • Hitler the architect

    The Times of London examines challenge of tastefully examining and displaying Hitler’s vision of Berlin as a city full of bloated marble architecture, capital of the Nazi-run world: For decades his plans were regarded as so crazed that they were confined to specialist books and institutes. Yesterday the taboo was broken. Peer Steinbr├╝ck, the German… More ▸