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  • The Academy Award for Chutzpah goes to … the Academy

    Okay, it’s true that I haven’t seen any of this year’s nominees for best foreign-language film. Maybe “The Counterfeiters” was the best of the bunch. Still, on principle, it bugs me: Israel finally has a great chance to win its first Oscar (for “Beaufort”) – and loses to an Austrian picture about the Holocaust!?! To… More ▸

  • Too many Jews at Nuremberg

    Democratic presidential hopeful U.S. Senator Chris Dodd recently wrote an op-ed for JTA pegged to the release of his new book, “Letter From Nuremberg,” a collection of correspondence from the time his father, Thomas, played a lead role in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals. In his JTA op-ed, Dodd argues that his father’s letters… More ▸