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  • The 2004 Olympics Jewish Athletes to Compete in Athens for Argentina and Australia

    Olympic teams from countries outside of Israel and the United States will be notably short on Jewish athletes during the Athens Games. Still, from weightliftinglifting to soccer to table tennis, several Jewish athletes will be displaying the colors of their respective countries during the competition in Greece, which gets under way Aug. 13. Following are… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Israeli forces killed at least 15 Palestinians in counterterrorist operations in a Gaza Strip refugee camp. The raid, which began before dawn Tuesday with helicopter missile strikes against terrorist targets in Rafah, was launched despite international appeals for Israel to back down. The United States will stay the course in Iraq, President Bush told pro-Israel… More ▸

  • Mother, Neighbors, Co-workers Among the Dead in Ashdod Attack

    It was an act of kindness reciprocated with murder. Crane mechanic Moshe Hendler, 29, was on his way to wash up after a long day of work at the Ashdod port when, along with a group of fellow workers, he ran into a young man asking for water. They passed him a jug. An instant… More ▸

  • Grocer, High Schoolers and Soldier Among Victims of Jerusalem Terror Blast

    For Shoshi Yosef, the political became much too personal. As secretary to the Israeli consul general in The Hague, Yosef had prepared for around-the-clock advocacy work this week against the International Court of Justice’s hearings on the West Bank security fence. Instead, she found herself back in Israel on Monday to bury her brother, Yehuda… More ▸

  • New England Patriots’ Owner Backs Women’s Football in Israel

    Large numbers of Israelis watched the Super Bowl this week, cheering on the victorious New England Patriots and their philanthropic-minded owner, Robert Kraft. A few weeks later, they’ll be cheering on a very different football team backed by Kraft — a team of young women, many of them Orthodox Jews. Kraft does business in Israel,… More ▸

  • The Ball is Kicked and Fans Are Too: Racism a Problem in Israeli Soccer

    Chanting “Death to the Arabs,” hundreds of young Jewish soccer fans race up a dusty side street to catch a bus carrying fans of the Arab team that had just beat theirs in a tense game. The supporters jeer even after the bus pulls away. Moments earlier, an Arab fan had been hit in the… More ▸

  • Initiatives Try to Fight Racism in World of European Soccer

    A celebrity soccer match may seem an odd way to commemorate the Holocaust. But in a country where militant soccer fans are infamous for using racist and anti-Semitic slurs against their opponents, the Match for Memory is seen as an important and high-profile means of fighting hate. “It is a great event that can seize… More ▸

  • Confirming Fears, Jewish Couple Found Dead After Tsunami Disaster

    Two young Jews missing since the Southeast Asian tsunami struck have been confirmed as dead. Nikki Liebowitz, 30, of Sydney, was formally identified by her boyfriend’s cousin and brother-in-law on the Thai island of Phi Phi after a positive DNA test. The body of her boyfriend Avadya Berman, 31, also an Australian resident, was also… More ▸

  • Bill to End Family Reunifications Leads to Charges of Racism in Israel

    It began like one of those classic love affairs where nothing could stand in the way of love. Nashat Abu Yunis, then 26, a civil engineering student at Haifa’s Technion, met Ghadir, a young woman, during a visit to Nablus. The two fell in love and took an oath of marriage before a qadi, or… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Israel is protesting an Arab boycott at the Special Olympics. The Saudi indoor soccer team didn’t show up for a match against Israel, and an Algerian table tennis player failed to show up with his paddle for a match against an Israeli. More ▸