South Africa

  • Around the Jewish World Jews, Greeks in South Africa Working to Build Stronger Ties

    Even as observers warn of a growing trend of anti-Semitism in Greece, a South African Jew is trying to build stronger ties between the Jewish and Greek communities in South Africa. Ronnie Mink, chairman of Yad Vashem in South Africa, believes there is potential for a better relationship between the roughly 50,000 Jews in Johannesburg… More ▸

  • Juicy Trial in South Africa As Israeli Mobster Goes to Court

    An alleged Israeli mobster is facing charges in South Africa that include murder, kidnapping, robbery and intimidation. The trial of Lior Saat, which will go forward after Johannesburg’s High Court ruled last week that it has the jurisdiction to try him, is one of the highest-profile South African criminal trials in years and represents a… More ▸

  • New Book Stirs Debate on Jews’ Role During Apartheid Years in South Africa

    A new book that examines the role of Jews in apartheid South Africa is raising awkward questions about what Jews did — and didn’t do — to end apartheid Gideon Shimoni’s “Community and Conscience: The Jews in Apartheid South Africa,” published this summer, has caused a stir among some South African Jews who say the… More ▸

  • Funding Hate [part 1] Anti-Israel Activists at Durban Were Funded by Ford Foundation

    In August 2001, thousands of human rights activists from around the globe gathered in Durban, South Africa, for a United Nations conference that participants hoped would address racial injustice plaguing humanity, from Rwanda to Sri Lanka to the United States. But after more than a year of preparatory conferences held in Iran, Switzerland, Chile, France… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Musical Celebrating Anne Frank’s Life Premiers in South Africa

    Had she survived, Anne Frank would have turned 74 on Thursday. Six days later, Roland Polastro will pay her a posthumous birthday tribute with the worldwide premier here of his Anne Frank Cantata. The production will star Jewish soprano Andrea Catzel and will feature 30 choir members from local Jewish day schools. Polastro wrote the… More ▸

  • In South Africa, Jewish Students Attacked at Former Afrikaans Base

    Jewish, gay and black students reportedly have been beaten up by right-wing vigilante groups at a South African university. Stellenbosch University, in the Western Cape region, was a stronghold of the country’s white Afrikaans community during the apartheid era, but since the transition to democracy has opened its doors to all. The national Sunday Times… More ▸

  • In South Africa, Jewish Rights Expert Calls U.s.-led War on Iraq ‘unlawful’

    At a time when most Jewish leaders in South Africa are keeping a low profile on the war in Iraq, Judge Richard Goldstone has called the U.S.-led coalition attack “unlawful under international law.” In interviews published Sunday in two major newspapers, the Sunday Times and the Sunday Independent, Goldstone added that the war is also… More ▸