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  • Pre-1492 Cemetery Discovery in Spain Raises Issues About Treatment of Dead

    Bones dating back to the Middle Ages or earlier that were discovered in what once was a Jewish cemetery in a small Spanish town were reburied in a Barcelona cemetery. Construction workers had come across the bodies of 158 people as they began work on a residential complex in Tarrega, in the interior of Catalonia…. More ▸

  • Director Supplies Unexpected Spanish Inquisition, with Portman in Multiple Roles

    LOS ANGELES — The parents who raised Oscar-winning director Milos Forman were Protestants, but both perished in Nazi concentration camps. The director’s adoptive father distributed “forbidden” books to his students during the Nazi occupation and was sent to a concentration camp. Amazingly, he was returned to Prague to stand trial, was even acquitted, but nevertheless… More ▸

  • Spanish Leader in Kaffiyeh Spurs Backlash After Fierce Criticism of Israel

    The prime minister poses for a photo wearing a Palestinian headdress. The opposition accuses him of anti-Semitism and “Israelophobia.” The war between Israel and Hezbollah is having repercussions in Spain in ways not seen before. After decades of pro-Arab sympathies, Spanish governments in recent years have made efforts to moderate their views on the Arab-Israeli… More ▸

  • Spain and Israel Celebrate Ties, but Continue to Differ on Mideast

    After World War II, most European countries wasted little time in recognizing Israel. But it took Spain 38 years to do so, a delay that long has clouded relations between Spain and Israel. Earlier this month, diplomats and experts from both countries gathered in this mountain retreat northwest of Madrid to reflect on the 20th… More ▸

  • Meeting in Spain, Imams and Rabbis Pledge to Defuse Religious Tensions

    It’s not often that the keynote speakers at a conference speak openly about the possibility that the meeting will fail. But speakers at the second World Congress of Rabbis and Imams for Peace, held Sunday through Tuesday in Seville, Spain, made it clear that if this year’s event doesn’t lead to a concrete plan of… More ▸

  • Reward for Gaza Move? in Spain, a Move to Downgrade E.u.-israel Ties

    A Spanish political party’s recent appeal for Europe to downgrade its ties with Jerusalem has angered Israel, which anticipated improved diplomatic treatment after the recent Gaza Strip withdrawal. The party is small and the non-binding appeal was watered down in the Spanish Parliament, but Israeli diplomats appear eager to send a message to European politicians… More ▸

  • Spanish Police Looking for Ex-nazi Believed to Be Hiding Near Coastline

    A Spanish police unit is searching for one of the most-wanted Nazi war criminals. A National Police spokesman said new evidence points to the possibility that Aribert Heim, 91, may be living undercover somewhere near the Mediterranean coastal city of Alicante. The Simon Wiesenthal Center ranks Heim as the No. 2 most wanted Nazi war… More ▸