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  • At Osce Meeting, Spain Stresses the Positive, Glosses over Negative

    It was the whitewashed walls and narrow alleyways of the Jewish Quarter — abutting the magnificent eighth-century mosque held up by more than 850 marble columns — that produced the Jewish sages Maimonides and Judah Halevy. It’s also this sun-baked Spanish city on the shimmering Guadalquivir River that claims the great Muslim and Christian philosophers… More ▸

  • After Reference to His Jewishness, Spanish Ad Exec Loses His Soccer Bid

    A Spanish advertising executive has lost his campaign to become president of one of Europe’s legendary soccer teams after a rival accused him of covering up his Jewish identity. But Lluis Bassat’s Jewishness may have been less important in his failed bid to take over FC Barcelona than the prospect — mistaken in the end… More ▸

  • Spanish City Celebrates Tolerance, Reaps Benefits from Embrace of Israel

    About a decade ago, this city in the arid south of Spain put up a plaque to mark the location of its old Jewish quarter, or “Juderia” as it’s called in Spanish. Then researchers in the municipal archive made some surprising discoveries about the fate of Jews in a time when mass anti-Semitic hysteria and… More ▸

  • Exhibit’s Dramatic Tales Shed Light on Jewish Survival in Medieval Spain

    For many people, a mention of the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry tends to evoke images of learned rabbis like Maimonides or Judah Halevi, who lived in the intellectual centers of Cordoba, Tudela and Toledo. But Samuel Aben Hayon lived in a frontier outpost near the southern Spanish city of Murcia. And he was the… More ▸

  • Documents Just Found in Spain May Shed Light on Jewish Mysticism

    It was truly a historic find. About 15 years ago, archivists examining several yellowed volumes of notarial records in the city of Girona in northeastern Spain began suspecting that the covers were lined with precious historical documents. They carefully picked apart the volumes and found a multitude of Hebrew manuscripts embedded in the covers, including… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Nazis Received Warm Welcome in Postwar Spain, New Book Says

    Five years ago, an investigative journalist browsing through Spanish government archives stumbled on a list of 104 Nazis who hid in Spain after World War II and were being sought by the Allies. But the Nazis were never handed over. Irujo was shocked to discover how they escaped punishment not only with the connivance of… More ▸

  • Acting As a Friend in ‘time of Need,’ Spain Oks Sale of Antidote to Israel

    As the countdown continues to an anticipated war against Iraq, Spain has agreed to provide Israel with extra supplies of a poison gas antidote. Israel is heightening its civil defense preparations against a possible Iraqi chemical attack in case of a U.S.-led strike on Baghdad. The antidote, known as atropine, is contained in the gas… More ▸