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  • Sukkot Feature: from Tolerance to Pluralism; New Lessons from the 4 Species

    Says the Torah: “On the first day [of Sukkot], you shall take the fruit of the hadar tree [by tradition, the citron etrog], the branches of the palm tree [lulav], boughs of leafy trees [by tradition, myrtle branches] and willows of the brook and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God [at the Temple].”… More ▸

  • Holiday Feature: Serving Food That Conjures Up Memories of Sukkot from the Past

    I can still picture the loosely constructed hut built behind my synagogue in New Rochelle, N.Y., every Sukkot. During my childhood, I’d reach for eggplants, red peppers and apples pinned to interior walls and hanging from branches entwined in its roof. I inhaled the scent of autumn air and fresh produce. With frost on the… More ▸

  • Jewish Members of Congress, Staffers Fill Capitol Hill Sukkah

    More than 150 Jewish congressional staffers and at least five members of Congress celebrated Sukkot this week in a rain-beaten sukkah overlooking the National Mall. For the third consecutive year, Lubavitch Rabbi Levi Shemtov hosted the event, which was held by the Capitol Jewish Forum. He stressed the image of Jewish unity when he explained… More ▸

  • Sukkot Feature: Campaign Launched to Recognize Vegetarianism As Ultimate Kashrut

    The Jewish Vegetarians of North America have launched a campaign to convince more people that abstaining from eating animal products is the highest form of kashrut observance. The campaign, launched just before Sukkot, a holiday rooted in the harvest festival, is aimed at getting vegetarianism on the Jewish agenda, according to Richard Schwartz, a member… More ▸

  • Get Your Peanuts, Cracker Jack and Sukkah at This World Series

    There was something new to go along with the traditional peanuts and Cracker Jack at this year’s World Series – a sukkah. The sukkah mobile, a portable sukkah perched atop a U-Haul truck, greeted baseball fans as they arrived at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, home to the Marlins, before Game 2 of the Series…. More ▸

  • Hail, Flooding Kill Five in Israel As Storms Rage During Sukkot

    Severe storms accompanied by flash flooding raged across southern Israel, killing at least five people, with several others missing and presumed dead. The storms, considered the worst to hit some areas in 25 years, began last Friday and continued through Saturday. They struck during the Sukkot holiday, when many Israelis were camping and hiking in… More ▸

  • Sukkot Feature: Plentiful Summer Vegetables for Healthy Eating in Sukkahs

    Sukkot coincides with the harvest time. It is fall and the summer crops are in. Take advantage of your garden harvest, roadside markets or supermarket bounty with these delicious vegetable dishes that are healthy and versatile. They can be served as main dishes or accompaniments during this holiday time. Zucchini Cheese Oven Frittata 4-5 cups… More ▸

  • Controversial Old City Tunnel Among Stops for Sukkot Visitors

    Thousands of Israelis and tourists made the traditional pilgrimage this week to Jerusalem for the holiday of Sukkot, some walking through the archaeological tunnel near the Temple Mount that was the focus of last week’s violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Israeli government’s decision to open the northern entrance to the tunnel… More ▸

  • Sukkot Feature (2): Ambivalence Toward Gentiles Permeates Sukkot Observances

    The holiday of Sukkot embodies the deep Jewish ambivalence about gentiles. For centuries, these very mixed feelings have provided the cultural barrier that kept gentiles out and kept Jews in the nuclear Jewish people. Now as the barrier crumbles worldwide, a deeper understanding of Sukkot may help to devise a successful strategy for Jewish persistence… More ▸

  • Sukkot Feature (1): Festive Recipes Bring Warmth to Week of Fall Outdoor Dining

    Sukkot means “booths,” as in the temporary housing in which our ancestors lived while wandering for 40 years in the desert. Many families erect sukkahs today that are big enough for the whole family to enjoy eating meals under the stars during the seven-day holiday. Sukkot coincides with harvest time, so fruits and vegetables are… More ▸