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  • Pig Carcass Left Outside Home of One of the Stockholm Five

    Police are investigating an incident here in which a skinned pig carcass was left outside the home of Stanley Sheinbaum, one of the five American Jews who met with Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasir Arafat in Stockholm last month. Next to the pig was a blood-soaked note bearing one word — “Troy.” Sheinbaum said he… More ▸

  • Sweden Worked Behind the Scenes to Get Arafat to Meet U.S. Demands

    Sweden played a decisive role in behind-the-scenes efforts to persuade Yasir Arafat to meet U.S. conditions for opening dialogue with the Palestine Liberation Organization, Swedish officials here revealed Thursday. The efforts intensified after the United States said that Arafat did not go far enough to satisfy American demands in his speech to the U.N. General… More ▸

  • American Jews to Meet with Arafat in Stockholm at Sweden’s Invitation

    A group of American Jews plans to meet with Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasir Arafat in Stockholm on Tuesday, the Swedish Embassy in Washington has confirmed. A spokesman for the embassy said Monday that Swedish Foreign Minister Sten Andersson had facilitated the meeting as “part of Sweden’s efforts to contribute to the peace process.” He… More ▸

  • Sweden Rejects Political Asylum Bid by a Nazi War Criminal

    The Swedish government has rejected a request for political asylum made by Karl Linnas, the former chief of the Nazi concentration camp at Tartu, Estonia, who is facing deportation from the United States, the World Jewish Congress reported here. Representatives of Swedish Jewry had expressed concern recently over reports in the Stockholm press that the… More ▸

  • Swedish Jurist Picked As Third Man on the Taba Panel

    Gunnar Karl Andreas Lagergren, a 74-year-old international jurist from Sweden, will be the third member of the three-man panel to arbitrate the Israeli-Egyptian border dispute over Taba, it was announced here Monday by Pinchas Eliav, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. Eliav said Lagergren was the first choice of both the Israeli… More ▸

  • Sweden to Issue Wallenberg Stamp

    A postage stamp with the portrait of Raoul Wallenberg will be issued by Sweden next year as part of a series of stamps honoring Swedish nationals who lost their lives while on international humanitarian missions. Wallenberg, a diplomat, is credited with saving the lives of 100,000 Hungarian Jews when he headed a special section of… More ▸

  • Peres in Stockholm to Attend Palme’s Funeral Meets with World Leaders

    Premier Shimon Peres returned Sunday from a 48-hour visit to Stockholm where he attended the funeral of assassinated Swedish Premier Olof Palme and met with world leaders who also attended the funeral ceremonies. Peres briefed the Cabinet on his meetings with Western officials and, according to a statement issued after the Cabinet session, talked with… More ▸

  • Sweden’s Prime Minister Expresses ‘deep Regret’ over Unauthorized Sale of Czarist Anti-semitic Forge

    Sweden’s Prime Minister Olaf Palme has expressed “deep regret” to the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith for the unautharized sale of copies of the notorious Czarist anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, at a government-sponsored Islamic exhibit at the Stockholm Historical Museum early this month. In a letter responding to a protest… More ▸

  • Peres Refuses to Attend Stockholm Conference As Example to Israelis

    Premier Shimon Peres will not attend the Socialist International meeting in Stockholm this month despite the recommendation by a majority of his Cabinet that he make the trip because of its political importance. The Cabinet voted 9-4 yesterday endorsing the journey. But Peres decided to forego it as a symbolic gesture to all Israelis not… More ▸