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  • Belgian Government Plans to Repatriate 26,000 Jews Deported to German Territory

    Repatriation of 26,000 Belgian Jews believed to be still alive in Germany is included in a plan prepared by the Belgian Government to repatriate 250,000 Belgians from German territory, it was reported here today. It was estimated here that about 200,000 Jews were working in Silesian war factories prior to the Russian advance. It is… More ▸

  • 4,000 Jewish Children Gassed and Cremated in German Concentration Camp in Poland

    Four thousand Jewish children from the fortress prison of Terezin in Czechoslovakia were gassed and cremated in the Birkenau camp in Poland, the Polish Telegraphic Agency reports today, quoting an eye-witness account by a woman who spent seven months in the camp. "What I’ve seen cannot be described," the woman wrote. "I saw 4,000 Jewish… More ▸