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Trinidad & Tobago

  • In a Corner of the Caribbean, Trinidad’s Jews Keep the Faith

    Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Catholic churches can be found all over this oil-exporting island famous for Carnival, callaloo soup and calypso. But don’t look for synagogues in Trinidad — there aren’t any. No more than 55 Jews live here, despite the fact that Trinidad & Tobago’s 1.3 million inhabitants make it the second-largest English-speaking… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of Trinidad

    In this former British colony, home of calypso, steel band music, and carnival bacchanal, the policemen wear Stars of David on their uniforms and streets are named for Zionist leaders, yet one can count the Jewish population on the fingers of one hand. Hans Stecher, owner of a flourishing chain of duty-free stores in Trinidad… More ▸

  • Trinidad Cancels All Entry Permits

    The Trinidad Government has invalidated all immigration permits outstanding, thus creating difficulties for German Jews who are en route to the British West Indian island or who have booked passage there, according to information received from Port-of-Spain by the National-Coordinating Committee for Jewish refugees and Emigrants from Germany. Applications for new immigration permits will be… More ▸

  • Closing of Trinidad to Refugees Creates Serious Situation in Emigrant Aid

    While seeking to iron out the difficulties of 37 refugees stopping here en route to Peru and 10 en route to the Dominican Republic, the National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees and Emigrants Coming from Germany today found a new serious situation created by the Action of Trinidad in closing its doors to refugees…. More ▸