• Israel ‘regrets’ Turkey’s Move at Downgrading Diplomatic Ties

    Israel expressed “regret” today at Turkey’s move to reduce the level of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Foreign Ministry confirmed reports from Ankara that the military government there decided to lower the rank of its senior representative in Tel Aviv from Minister to Second Secretary and has asked Israel to do likewise. Turkey’s… More ▸

  • Turkey Withdraws from Eurovision Because It is Scheduled in Israel

    The director general of the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) expressed regret yesterday that Turkish television would not participate this year at the Eurovision song contest because it was to take place in Jerusalem. A statement made in Ankara said the Turkish government has always recognized the rights of the Palestinian people, and demanded that Israel… More ▸

  • Turkey Withdraws from Eurovision Because It is Scheduled in Israel

    The annual consumption of narcotic drugs in Israel is 2 billion Pounds, Interior Minister Yosef Burg told the Likud Knesset faction Tuesday. The use of heroin alone is 2.5 million Pounds Burg said in a session which was devoted to the situation in the national police force. Knesseter Ehud Olmert, a veteran crusader against organized… More ▸

  • Coffins Containing Israelis Killed in Istanbul Detained in Turkey

    The coffins containing the two Israelis killed in the Istanbul terrorist attack did not arrive yesterday as scheduled. Preparations to receive the bodies of Ernest Eliasch of Petach Tikva and Shlomo Weisbach of Haifa had been completed at Ben Gurion Airport, but El Al’s Captain Hagai Kafri, navigating the plane which was to transport the… More ▸

  • Israel Will Not Seek Extradition of Two Terrorists from Turkey

    Israel will not seek the extradition from Turkey of the two Arab terrorists who attacked passengers of a Tel Aviv-bound El Al plane at Istanbul’s Yasilkov Airport, the Cabinet decided at its regular session today. The reasons behind that decision were understood to include two main considerations. One was that it was not clear whether… More ▸

  • Turkey Not Likely to Break Diplomatic Relations with Israel

    Turkey is not likely to break diplomatic relations with Israel despite a call for such an action by the Islamic Foreign Ministers Conference in Istanbul last week. Informed Middle East sources here point out that Israel and Turkey enjoy full diplomatic relations. Missions in each country are headed by ministers, and the Israeli envoy in… More ▸