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  • USSR Leader Andropov Reportedly Hid Jewish Roots to Advance in Party

    Former Soviet leader Yuri Andropov had Jewish roots, according to recent reports in the Russian press. Andropov, who was in charge of the KGB for 15 years and then headed the USSR from November 1982 until his death in February 1984, concealed his Jewish background after he entered the Communist Party as a young man,… More ▸

  • Report: About 20% of Olim from Former USSR Not Jewish

    Nearly 20 percent of the olim Israel has absorbed from the former Soviet Union are not considered Jews according to halachah, or traditional Jewish law, according to a recently released report. The report, prepared by the Interior Ministry’s Population Census Bureau for the Ministerial Committee on Alternate Burials, states that of the 555,370 olim that… More ▸

  • Nearly Half a Million from Ex-ussr Have Immigrated to Israel Since ’89

    The year’s end marks the arrival of 475,000 immigrants to Israel from the republics of the former Soviet Union since the start of the immigration wave in 1989, Jewish Agency Chairman Simcha Dinitz announced this week in a review of the agency’s activities for the year. If present political and economic trends in the newly… More ▸

  • Number of Jews in the Former USSR Lower Than Expected, Survey Shows

    There are fewer Jews living in the former Soviet Union than had previously been believed, a survey conducted by the Jewish Agency for Israel indicates. According to the survey, which was compiled by the Jewish Agency’s unit for the former Soviet Union and Central Europe, there are 1.4 million Jews living in 200 communities in… More ▸

  • Debate Erupts over Status of Jews Leaving Former USSR

    Should a third of the American refugee quota be devoted to Jews from the former Soviet Union? That question has been raised anew, and effectively answered “no,” by the president of the American Zionist Movement, Seymour Reich. His view has revived a long-running battle that pits the Zionist principle of Jewish immigration to Israel against… More ▸

  • September Saw Modest Rise in Aliyah from Former USSR

    As Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the renegade Russian Parliament were locked in a turbulent standoff last month, a modest record was being set in 1993’s monthly aliyah figures from the former Soviet Union. September saw the arrival in Israel of 6,207 new immigrants from Russia and the other former Soviet republics, bringing the total… More ▸

  • Teens from Ex-ussr in Israel

    About 160 teen-agers from the former Soviet Union have arrived in Israel to join Youth Aliyah educational programs around the country. The special project, run by the Jewish Agency for Israel, encourages Russian children and their families to make aliyah. Approximately 1,000 children are expected to participate. The majority of the first wave of young… More ▸