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  • The singles arrive

    During one of my years living in Israel, I spent some time working at a popular Jerusalem steakhouse. It was a typical Jerusalem affair: the owners were Canadian, the waitstaff was Israeli (except for me), the cooks were Arab, and the clientele American. Once a week, we had to work the lunch shift. It was… More ▸

  • Warsaw Jewish Cemetery

    My last day in Poland was a day of celebration and commemoration elsewhere in Europe. In Germany, crowds were gathering in front of the Brandenburg Gate to mark 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, while across the world Jewish communities were preparing to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht. It was a rainy… More ▸

  • Culture Shock

     Don’t quite know what to make of this video. It’s supposed to ease American culture shock in Hungary. But I think it actually exacerbates it. Regardless, it features Adam Schonberger (of Siraly fame). Was this actually commissioned by the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York? More ▸

  • Wiener schnitzel

     Sorry for messing up the chronology, but here’s a little video from Vienna I never got around to cutting. More ▸

  • The Jewish Hangout of Budapest

    Years ago, philanthropist Michael Steinhardt financed the establishment of Makor, a spot on the Upper West Side that was supposed to allow Jews to do Jewish, and sometimes not-so-Jewish, things in a Jewish space that didn’t scream I’M A JEWISH SPACE! It didn’t work. And three years ago the building was sold and Makor was… More ▸

  • Jewish Salons Vienna

    So, Budapest. Been here only since late Thursday, but so much has happened — full day of meetings on Friday, huge Shabbat dinner thing Friday night, first day off in 2.5 weeks Saturday, and an evening spent at Cafe Siraly (I’d tell you there’s a video coming soon, but you wouldn’t believe it anyway). Anyway,… More ▸

  • Hidden memorials in Berlin

    The Berlin Expert Jeremy Minsberg was good enough to show me some places of Holocaust remembrance in Berlin that are often overlooked. Here’s some video of our tour. More ▸