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  • Portman references Agriprocessors raid in Oscar presentation

    For those who missed last night’s Academy Awards, one of the highlights of the evening came when Jewish actors Natalie Portman and Ben Stiller took the stage to present the award for cinematography.  Stiller, who was lampooing Joaquin Phoenix’s bewildering appearance on David Letterman last week, came out sporting a shaggy beard and a wild… More ▸

  • YU Ethics & Kashrut Live Stream Tonight

    Tonight at 7PM, Yeshiva University will be hosting a panel entitled "Kosher Question: Are Ethics and Kashrut Inextricably Linked or Unconnected?" According the Yeshiva University News: Rabbis from major Orthodox organizations will address the role that ethics plays in Jewish dietary laws at “The Kosher Quandary: Ethics and Kashrut” at Yeshiva University on Dec. 9…. More ▸

  • Rap artist reps for French-Israelis

    Meet Shmoolik, A.K.A. Shmouel Halimi, the French-Israeli Chasidic hip-hop artist and graphic designer. As a rhyme spouting ba’al teshuva Chabadnik, the comparisons to Matisyahu are inevitable, but Shmoolik is very much in a class of his own. Now that you’ve met the man, hear the music. Here’s the video for his track, “Les Enfants d’Israël.”… More ▸

  • Video from Agriprocessors

    The National Council of Young Israel organized a company-sponsored visit for 25 Orthodox rabbis to Postville, Iowa, last week. Here is video shot by the Five Towns Jewish Times inside the plant. WARNING to vegetarians and those of weak stomach (myself included): Video includes graphic footage from the kill floor. UPDATE: Also today, the Iowa… More ▸

  • Two Jewish mothers!?!

    Jon Stewart worries that gay marriage in California will lead to children being raised with two Jewish mothers: Someone please let the Daily Show know that there is no need to worry (at least for now)… as noted earlier this week … the ceremony in question was an intermarriage. More ▸