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  • Larry King: Jerry who?

    My standard joke on Larry King is that he could have Adolf Hitler on for two hours and the Holocaust would not come up. But Jerry Seinfeld may have outdone me… All that said, maybe Jerry needs to lighten up. More ▸

  • Sorry, Mr. Bishop

    Nearly a decade ago, back in my days at the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia, a co-worker and I were working late. His phone rang and he picked up. The caller was screaming. My fellow editor kept saying, “Yes, Mr. Bishop. Sorry, Mr. Bishop.” Yes, it was the Joey Bishop. If memory serves (the Web is… More ▸

  • Peres gets taste of his own medicine

    Check out Israeli President Shimon Peres getting an earful from David Lynch. Now Peres knows how the Arabs and right-wing Jews felt listening to all his talk in the 1990s about a new Middle East … More ▸

  • Ahmadinejad in the boys room

    Both my wife and mother were quick to weigh in with a big thumbs up for the New Yorker’s Larry Craig-inspired Ahmadinejad-at-Columbia cover. What strikes me is that the image seems to suggest genuine surprise or confusion on Ahmadinejad’s part when confronted with a real-life example of homosexuality. Compare that approach to the infinitely less… More ▸