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  • Wiener schnitzel

     Sorry for messing up the chronology, but here’s a little video from Vienna I never got around to cutting. More ▸

  • Hard At Work

    That’s me at the Cafe Spinoza in Budapest, hard at work on my final Vienna article (no, that only LOOKS like Facebook). (Thanks to Mircea Cernov for the photo). More ▸

  • Jewish Salons Vienna

    So, Budapest. Been here only since late Thursday, but so much has happened — full day of meetings on Friday, huge Shabbat dinner thing Friday night, first day off in 2.5 weeks Saturday, and an evening spent at Cafe Siraly (I’d tell you there’s a video coming soon, but you wouldn’t believe it anyway). Anyway,… More ▸

  • Vienna Waits For You

    Until she doesn’t. Right now, I should be settling into my seat on a train bound for Budapest, plugging in my laptop, and getting to work on that Salons video (coming soon — I promise). Unfortunately, my new friend Yvonne Feiger — who has otherwise been of incalculable help to me these past few days… More ▸

  • How very Viennese

    I hesitate to say much about last night’s Jewish Salons event in Vienna since I aim to have a video up tomorrow that will give you a better impression than words ever could, but — aside from noting the four-hour assault on my lungs from all the cigarette smoke — I will offer this: Having… More ▸

  • In Austria, remembering prewar Jewish life, not just death

    It’s fairly common these days in Europe to remember the murder of European Jewry and educate young people about the evils of the past. A photo exhibit in Austria is part of a growing interest in remembering the vibrant Jewish societies in Europe that existed before the Holocaust. More ▸