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Yigal Allon

  • Week of Mourning for Allon

    The Labor Party declared a week of mourning for Yigal Allon and suspended all political activity for that period. But this has not restrained speculation over how the death of one of its top leaders will affect the party’s future. Allon died of a heart attack last Friday at the age of 61 and was… More ▸

  • Tens of Thousands of People Attend Funeral of Yigal Allon

    Yigal Allon, a statesman, soldier, pioneer and one of the top ranking leaders of the Labor Zionist movement in Israel, was said to rest today in the cemetery of Kibbutz Ginossar, the village on the shores of the Sea of Galilee where he had made his home for 46 years. The freshly dug grave was… More ▸

  • Yigal Allon Was a Giant of Israel’s Younger Leadership

    Yigal Allon, who died Friday at the age of 61, was one of the giants of the younger leadership that founded the State of Israel and governed it for most of its existence. A leader of Labor Zionism, a hero of Israel’s War of Independence and one of the major figures of the Labor Party… More ▸

  • Humanistic-zionism of Allon

    Yigal Allon was a prolific writer and theoretician. One of the most poignant of his articles dealt with the humanistic basis of Zionism. Following are excerpts from that article, “Education Towards Humanity in Wartime,” which appeared in 1970 in No. 11 of “Dispersion and Unity — Journal on Zionism and the Jewish World,” published by… More ▸

  • Allon Brands As Totally False Account of Expulsion of Arabs in 1948 War

    Yigal Allon, Israel’s former Foreign Minister who was the commander of Palm action the central front during Israel’s War for Independence in 1948, today branded as a total fabrication an alleged “first person account” of the forced expulsion of 50,000 Arab civilians from the towns of Lad and Ramle by Israeli forces at the direct… More ▸

  • Allon to Challenge Peres for Labor Party Leadership

    Yigal Allon, who served as Foreign Minister in the last two Labor governments and derives his political support from the Labor oriented kibbutz movement, has indicated that he may challenge Shimon Peres for leadership of the Labor Party well before the next elections. In a radio interview Friday, Allon said the next Labor Party convention… More ▸

  • Allon Raps Likud ‘surrender’ to Gush

    Former Foreign Minister Yigal Allon attacked the Likud government tonight for “surrendering” to the Gush Emunim and jeopardizing the peace negotiating process thereby. Allon, a Labor MK, was referring to widespread reports, and claims by the Gush, that the government has agreed to the establishment of a Jewish settlement near the Arab town of Nablus… More ▸

  • Allon Proposes Interim Agreement

    Former Foreign Minister Yigal Allon told the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations that if the parties to the Camp David accords decide the time is not ripe to implement the Egyptian-Israeli agreement, “I would recommend an interim agreement with an Israeli withdrawal to the first phase of the proposed Sinai pullback–to a… More ▸

  • Allon Says W. Bank Settlements Not Illegal but Criticizes Likud Methods

    Israel’s former Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Yigal Allon sharply criticized the Likud government for failing to coordinate major aspects of foreign policy with the United States government. But he agreed in principle with Likud’s contention that Jewish settlements on the West Bank were legal although he faulted the government for resorting to publicity “fanfare”… More ▸