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  • Zambia Would Not Object if Torah Scrolls Were Taken Back to Israel

    Zambia would have no objections to the removal to Israel of unused Torah scrolls and other Jewish religious articles now in that country. Zambia’s President, Kenneth Kaunda, made this clear to Israel’s Ashkenozi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren in a letter to Goren this week. Kaunda spoke highly of the contributions made to his country in… More ▸

  • Zambia, with Close Ties to Egypt, to Establish Diplomatic Relations with Israel

    The Central African republic of Zambia, a neutralist country that has had close ties with Egypt, has decided to establish diplomatic relations with Israel and exchange ambassadors, it was announced here today. There is an Israeli technical mission already in Zambia which was formerly Northern Rhodesia. The country has usually voted with the Arabs in… More ▸

  • Israelis Sentenced for Not Informing Authorities on ‘zambia Plot’

    Two Israelis who were involved in the bizarre international plot to blow up a bridge in Zambia were given jail sentences yesterday for failing to inform the authorities of their knowledge of the scheme. Violet Elliot, the wife of an American, Jay Elliot, who masterminded the plot, was given a one-year jail term; and her… More ▸

  • Israeli Sentenced in Tel Aviv for Participating in Zambia Plot

    Benjamin Edoth, one of six Israelis seized in a bizarre international plot to blow up a Zambian bridge, was sentenced yesterday to six months in jail after admitting to the charges on which he was indicted. The other Israeli defendants are Itzhak Berkowitz, a former member of the underground Stern group, Efraim Romen, Raphael Zorianne;… More ▸

  • Tel Aviv Court Indicts Four Israelis in ‘zambia Plot’; Trial Soon

    An indictment was returned today in Tel Aviv district court against four Israelis arrested in connection with a bizarre international plot to blow up a bridge in Zambia in an alleged bid to upset world copper prices. The defendants are Violet Elliott, Israeli-born wife of an American figure in the case, who holds an Austrian… More ▸

  • Israeli Police Arrest Sixth Suspect in Bizarre ‘zambia Copper Plot’

    Police reported today the arrest of a sixth Israeli suspect in a bizarre plot — involving two Americans who were arrested in the United States — to destroy a bridge in Zambia in an effort to affect world prices for copper, a principal Zambian export. Police refused to disclose the name of the newest suspect… More ▸

  • Israel Security Police Tipped off the U.S. on Zambia ‘copper Plot’

    Israeli police officials said today that the Israeli Security Services tipped off United States and Zambian authorities about an international plot to blow up a Zambian bridge in which five persons have been arrested in Israel and two in the United States. According to authorities, the goal of the plot was to destroy a bridge… More ▸

  • Jews in Rhodesia and Zambia Feel Safe; Not Affected by Changes

    There are 6,000 Jews in Rhodesia, and about 800 in Zambia, it was learned here today from a report about the Jews in that part of the world given to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by Maurice Wagner, who serves as general secretary of the Central African Jewish Board of Deputies. He was attending the current… More ▸

  • Jewish Community in Zambia Reported Well Treated; Fears Intermarriage

    Jews are treated better in Zambia, an African country that took the step from colony to independent nation only eight months ago, than in many highly developed countries, Dr. Morton I. Teicher, dean of Yeshiva University’s Wurz-weiler School of Social Work, reported today following his return from a visit to that country. He said however,… More ▸