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  • Progressive Jews get ‘Righteously Indignant’ at Boston conference

    Earlier this week I attended the Righteous Indignation Conference, a three-day forum and workshop which provided a forum for progressive Jewish activists to share best practices, discuss current strategies and build community among each other. The event, which took place at Hebrew College in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, brought together over 100 Jewish activists from around… More ▸

  • Debate on Israel prayer moves to blogs

    An interesting spat has broken out over my recent article about how a Brooklyn minyan, Altshul, is grappling with how to pray for Israel. In one corner, wearing the blue and white shorts, is Ariel Beery (of Blogs of Zion, PresenTense Magazine). In the other corner, wearing the shorts of many colors, is Daniel Septimus,… More ▸

  • Would you send your parents on a Birthright trip?

    In honor of Israel turning 60, Taglit-Birthright Israel is looking to send someone’s parents to the Jewish state: The “Let My Parents Go!” contest was open to all North American Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni whose parents have never been to Israel. Over 60 video entries were received, and the 18 finalists have been posted on the… More ▸

  • The Burg speaks: Zionism is futile

    It’s been less than a year since Avraham Burg – former Knesset speaker, Jewish Agency chief, and scion of one of Israel’s most illustrious founding families – shocked his countrymen with some harsh appraisals of the Zionist enterprise (see an abridged English version of the Ha’aretz story that started the trouble here, and a more… More ▸

  • Taking the temperature of Mercaz Harav

    Two different writers take the temperature of the yeshiva attacked last week – and offer different takes on the state of its founder’s vision of a partnership between secular and religious Zionists. Writing in the New York Sun, Hillel Halkin looks back at the founder of the yeshiva attacked last week, and concludes that his… More ▸

  • Israel: Looking good or bad at 60?

    Authors David Grossman and Daniel Gavron offer competing portraits – one sad, one happy – of where Israel stands as it prepares for its 60th birthday. Grossman, writing in Salon, paints a gloomy picture, arguing that the Jewish state has yet to truly confront that alarming existential lessons of the war with Hezbollah in the… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Commenting on King Hussein’s visit to Amman today the Morning Post predicts there is a possibility of an agreement being reached with Sir Herbert Samuel looking toward the eventual establishment of a native government in Palestine. The Post advises the Jews to accept the large egg even if only partly Zionist in preference to a… More ▸

  • The Third Session of the Zionist Convention Opened at 3pm Monday

    The third session of the Zionist Convention opened at 3 P. M. Monday. Prof. Otto Warburg, former President of the World Zionist Organization, congratulated the American Zionists’ progress since his last visit to this country with Mr. Nahum Sokolow, but he complained of the apathy towards the National Fund which collected only $154,000 last year…. More ▸

  • News Brief

    The cancellation of the Palestine elections can hardly be described as a victory for the Arabs, says a statement circulated by Reuter’s today, obviously inspired from official sources. No trouble is anticipated as a result of the step taken, which is held to have been "absolutely necessary." The DAILY EXPRESS declares this statement is at… More ▸

  • News Brief

    ### the excitement of the present crisis, the German press stops long enough to record and to comment upon the death of Dr. Max Nordau, who is claimed by the German philosophers as of their school. Die Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung emphasizes and deplores that Nordau’s genius found its expression only in the Zionist movement. Others,… More ▸