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Zionist Organization of America

  • Jewish Groups Outraged by Murder, Play Down U.s.-israel Disagreements

    American Jewish groups have reacted with outrage to reports of the murder of Lt. Col. William Higgins by Moslem extremists in Lebanon, calling the apparent execution cruel, barbaric and brutal. But Jewish leaders also tried to play down disagreements between Israel and the United States over the events of the past few days, emphasizing in… More ▸

  • Bill Limiting U.S. Contacts with PLO Opposed by Some Jewish Organizations

    At least two mainstream Jewish groups joined the Bush administration this week in lobbying the Senate against a proposed measure that would bar U.S. contacts with Palestine Liberation Organization officials considered to be associated with terrorist acts. Both the American Jewish Congress and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations said that in doing so, they… More ▸

  • Jewish Opposition to Pbs Film Ranges from Concern to Outrage

    Opposition is mounting in the Jewish community to a Public Broadcasting Service television documentary on the Palestinians, with a wide spectrum of organizations expressing concern about the film, which is scheduled to air Sept. 6. The documentary, titled “Days of Rage: The Young Palestinians,” is an examination of “why the Palestinian uprising continues and the… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Votes to Retain Involvement in Absorption Effort

    The Jewish Agency Assembly recommended Wednesday that the agency and the government of Israel begin an “emergency cooperative effort” to expand the absorption of Soviet Jews in Israel. The assembly also voted to review the proposed transfer of absorption activities from the agency to the government, a proposal that disappointed new immigrants and their advocates…. More ▸

  • Zionist General Council Endorses Peace Plan, Ban on PLO Contacts

    The Zionist General Council adjourned its meeting here late Wednesday night after adopting resolutions supporting the government’s peace initiative and its policy of barring contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization. The General Council is the governing body of the World Zionist Organization between sessions of the World Zionist Congress, which convenes every four years. The… More ▸

  • Baker Speech Seen As Balanced, but That Troubles Some Leaders

    Secretary of State James Baker defended the speech he made Monday night before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee by telling reporters Tuesday it was “very balanced with respect to what we think is required of all the parties if we are going to move forward.” Likewise, a top American Jewish leader reassured delegates to… More ▸

  • Netanyahu Paints Picture of Israel Poised on Brink of Promise, Danger

    Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu presented a vision Sunday night of an Israel poised on the verge of both greatness and destruction, whose potential for growth or annihilation is so awesome that the description “apocalyptic” does not seem inappropriate. In a three-pronged speech here to the Zionist Organization of America, Netanyahu suggested first that… More ▸

  • U.S. Jewish Leaders Grill Shamir During CJF Broadcast

    Even as they praised Yitzhak Shamir for his success in shoring up Israel’s image during his talks with the Bush administration, Jewish leaders in 15 cities challenged the Israeli prime minister Wednesday with some of the toughest questioning of his 10-day visit. Would Shamir be willing to trade land for peace? Is he prepared to… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Shamir Inspiring New Optimism Among American Jewish Leaders

    Compared to a rabble-rousing speech to New York Jewish leaders last week, Yitzhak Shamir’s talk Tuesday afternoon to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations was positively mellow. The change in tone, said Jewish leaders who attended both meetings, is the result of Shamir’s success in Washington last week in regaining Israeli momentum… More ▸

  • Shamir Denounces ‘land for Peace’ in Speech to U.S. Jewish Leaders

    Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir arrived here Tuesday and bluntly defended his opposition to giving up more land for peace. “No Arab ruler has ever been asked to give territory for peace,” the prime minister said in a speech prepared for delivery to an audience of American Jewish leaders Tuesday night. Shamir did not go… More ▸