10 things to look for on the new Jewish Telegraphic Agency

As you may have noticed, our website has been given a makeover. We’ve updated just about every facet of it to give you, the reader, a smoother and more comprehensive experience of the most important Jewish news of the day. Here are just some of the highlights of our new design.

  • Get the Latest News — Quickly!

    Designed to give you all the latest news, faster. At just a few hundred words, Quick Reads are truly "quick" news items that will keep you in the know about everything happening in the Jewish world.
  • Don't Just Read the News — Watch It

    You can now find our videos from around the world featured on the JTA homepage, or on the new Video page. Check out our newest mini-documentary, Magnus, now!
  • Explore the Jewish Topics that Matter to You

    JTA's breadth of coverage demonstrates that Jewish news is about much more than just what's happening in Washington D.C. or in Israel. The new site does a better job of highlighting all of our coverage areas, from Politics to Sports, Global to Lifestyle. We're showcasing new sections for Food, Health, and Obituaries, too.
  • See the Most Important News & Trending Topics

    No more hunting around a website trying to find updates to the stories that matter the most. For the day's biggest topics, JTA will guide you there, from our header on every page of the site. Look for "Top News" to get you right to the most important topics of the moment.
  • Look for Alerts About Major Breaking News

    When there's major news in the Jewish world, JTA wants you to know about it first. Look for alerts in red at the top of the site whenever there's news you need to know about as soon as possible.
  • Read a Diversity of Voices

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency doesn't only report the news. We also guide you through how to think about the news, with a plurality of voices sharing opinion pieces, first-person essays, analysis, and columns. Look for our more robust Opinion section as well as new Opinion article templates, so you can be sure to understand what you're reading is someone's personal view, rather than a reported piece.
  • Be a Part of the News Process

    Our readers are an invaluable part of our news-gathering process. If you have an idea for an article or something that we should look into, we want to hear from you! Find the news tips area on the JTA homepage to submit an idea to us, securely and confidentially.
  • Understand Jewish History

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has been the global source of Jewish news for more than 100 years, and the thousands of articles in our Archive tell an incredible story. We continue to highlight articles from the Archive on the JTA homepage, but now you'll see year markers that better indicate when the article is from.
  • Explore Quirky Jewish Moments & Characters

    Jewniverse is another publication in the 70 Faces Media family, publisher of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. We've moved Jewniverse to JTA so our readers can enjoy the unique blend of culture, humor, history and more that it offers. From the story of the 1916 Knish war on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to a profile of Annie Cohen Kopchovsky, the first woman to bike around the world, we're sure you'll find something that piques your interest on Jewniverse.
  • Go Beyond the News

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency is a proud part of 70 Faces Media, which also publishes the learning and resource site My Jewish Learning, the parenting site Kveller, the food site Nosher, and the site for younger women, Alma. These publications have their own unique spin on the Jewish experience, and we wanted to be able to share those takes with JTA readers. Look for stories from our other brands throughout JTA, especially in the Lifestyle, Culture and Food sections. Anytime we publish a piece from another brand, you'll see a link indicating which site it comes from.