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  • News Brief

    The events in Palestine, which should have brought about the union of all Zionists, divided rather than united the Zionists of Germany, declared Dr. Max Kollenascher, in an article, “The Crisis in German Zionism,” published in the “Juedische Rundschan.” The Zionist Organization of Germany and their dependent press have not read the signs of the… More ▸

  • Workers’ Conference Demands Main Synagogue Be Converted into Club

    A resolution to convert the Moscow Main Synagogue into a workmen’s club was adopted by the Impartial Jewish Workers Conference in session here. The conference appointed a delegation to submit the request for the conversion of the synagogue to the authorities. It is not expected that their mission will be successful as the final decision… More ▸

  • Nation-wide Memorial Exercises Next Sunday for Louis Marshall

    Jewish communities in cities throughout the country are arranging to hold memorial services next Sunday for the late Louis Marshall in connection with the national memorial meeting to be held at Temple Emanu-El, New York on that day, under the auspices of the Marshall Memorial Committee representing Temple Emanu-El, the Jewish Theological Seminary and the… More ▸

  • Progress Marked in Balfour Forest

    Trees planted in the Balfour Forest, the afforestation plan of the Jewish National Fund named in honor of Lord Balfour, will reach the number of 315,000 by the end of this winter, it was announced on the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration today. The forest, planted at Djindjar, was unharmed during… More ▸

  • Rabbinical Council Holds Session

    The first meeting this season of the Rabbinical Council of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, was held this week at the West Side Jewish Center, New York. Eligibility for membership in the Council was one of the principal questions discussed. It was decided that rabbis who hold Semicha either from the Yeshiva… More ▸

  • Company Formed to Work Dead Sea Grant

    Palestine Potash, Ltd., is the name of the new company which was formally registered in London with a capital of $2,000,000 to exploit the chemical resources of the Dead Sea on the concession granted to Engineer Moses Novemejski and Major Tulloch. The Earl of Lytton will be chairman of the new company. Shares have already… More ▸

  • League for Safeguarding Sabbath Disputes Eastman Analysis

    Exception to the recent statement of George Eastman, chairman of the National Committee on Calendar Simplification, that the results of the calendar reform referendum of the United States Chamber of Commerce confirmed the findings of his committee that there prevailed in this country a demand for calendar improvement and that the United States was justified… More ▸

  • Police Disperse Crowd of One Thousand Arabs in Haifa Demonstration

    A demonstration of about 1,000 Arabs at Haifa during the general Arab strike today, the twelfth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, was dispersed by the police, acting on the government order prohibiting demonstrations today. The battleship “Ramilles” has been despatched from Malta to Palestine in connection with today’s strike, it was officially confirmed here. Although… More ▸

  • J. N. F. Annual Tag Day Set for December 8

    The sixteenth annual Tag Day of the Jewish National Fund has been set for Sunday, December 8th, 1929, the Fund headquarters announced. Preparations are being made by Zionist districts, Hadassah chapters Young Judaea, Junior Hadassah, Poale Zion, Zeire Zion and the Mizrachi Organizations to secure contributions to the Jewish National Fund on Tag Day. The… More ▸

  • Report Orthodox Secede from Vilna Kehillah

    The Orthodox group in the Jewish community of Vilna has decided to secede from the Kehillah and to establish an independent Orthodox community, states a dispatch received here by the Jewish daily “Moment.” This decision followed a stormy session between Orthodox leaders and the Kehillah council, the Orthodox representatives criticizing the attitude of the majority… More ▸