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  • Non-jewish Nurses, Detroit Clinic, Master Yiddish in 4 Months to Aid Patients

    preparation of their lessons. One of the star students, Miss Lillian Anderson, like the clinic’s dietician, Miss Shaw, felt the need for knowing Yiddish before the class was organized, and studied elementary words with a Jewish nurse. When Mr. Lachover organized the class Miss Anderson knew two expression: “Farkatchet demarbel” and “zetzt sich avek” (“roll… More ▸

  • “bombs” Found in Garden of Gethsemane Old Turk Shells

    The five “bombs” found on Saturday in the Garden of Gethsemane were today revealed as being shells for Turkish seventy-five millimetre guns used during the war. A police investigation showed that the shells, which are harmless, were dug up in the course of the ploughing season. They have been destroyed. When the shells were first… More ▸

  • Jewess Sues Controller of Immigration for Refusing Admission to Palestine

    The case against A. M. Hyamson, controller of immigration permits in the Palestine government, for refusing a Mrs. Bernstein, a Polish Jewess, permission to enter Palestine, opened today in the High Court. Her husband, who had lived in Palestine for nine years, arrived in Jaffa Friday with a visa from the British consul in Vienna…. More ▸

  • Soviet Court Rules Children Need Not Support Parents if Latter Are Clericals

    If their parents are engaged in clerical activities, children are not obliged to obey the Soviet law making it mandatory for children to support their parents, was the ruling today in a Soviet court in Minsk. The case arose when three rabbis brought charges against their children for nonsupport. Rabbi Sadovsky, who has four sons… More ▸

  • Jewish Workers in Colonies on Increase

    The latest statistics show that there are now 7,798 Jewish workers in the colonies, exclusive of those in the Jezreel and Jordan valleys. In September, 1926, these same colonies had only 4,582 Jewish workers. More ▸

  • Blood Ritual Libels Worry Jews in Two Polish Villages

    Blood ritual libels have terrified the Jews of two Polish villages over the week-end. In Lubelski, near Lublin, a peasant, who had come to town for market day, stopped to sell his goods to the Jewish egg-dealer Druk. While taking care of his horses, the peasant left his 24-year-old daughter in Druk’s house. The girl,… More ▸

  • New Yorker Named President of State Jewish Women’s Council

    Mrs. Rebecca Seligman of New York City was elected president of the New York State Council of the National Council of Jewish Women which is holding its tenth annual convention here. Other officers elected are Mrs. Weil, Rochester, first vice-president; Mrs. Harry Grussner, Schenectady, second vice-president; Mrs. Leo Muhlfelder, Albany, recording secretary; Mrs. Judah Dresner,… More ▸

  • Leading German Statesmen at Hilfsverein Mass Meeting

    Leading German statesmen were present last night at a great mass-meeting of the German-Jewish Hilfsverein. Among those who attended were the president of the German Reichsbank, Luther; the Government Press Director, Zechlin; Police President Zorgiebel; Professor Albert Einstein; Eduard Bernstein; Bernard Kahn; many diplomats, ministers, Reichstag members and leading representatives of German commerce, finance and… More ▸