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  • David Ben-Gurion En Route Back to Palestine by Plane

    David Ben-Gurion, chairman of the executive committee of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, who has been in the United States for sometime conferring on matters affecting Palestine, is en route home by plane, it was announced here today. More ▸

  • Slovakian Chief Rabbi Dies En Route to Concentration Camp

    Chief Rabbi Herzog of Slovakia died of a heart attack recently while en route to a concentration camp together with his wife and children, the Federation of Czechoslovakian Jews here learned today. The rabbi, who was sixty, collapsed while being driven by the Slovakian police from his home at Stupava to the local railway station…. More ▸

  • Senator Demands End of Quota Immigration; Asks Restrictions on Visitors

    Senator Rufus C. Holman, Rep., of Oregon, yesterday introduced a bill in the Senate providing for a ban on all quota immigration and restricting non-immigrant aliens to visits of six months with a proviso that they return to their homes at the end of that time. Senator Holman also introduced a resolution to amend the… More ▸

  • Jews in India Do Not Fear Japanese Invasion, J.T.A. Bombay Correspondent Says

    The 30,000 Jews of India are not alarmed at the threat of a Japanese invasion even though the monsoon season is over, and are actively cooperating with the government in internal defense measures, it was stated here today by Joe I. Sargon, Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent in Bombay and managing editor of the Jewish Tribune… More ▸

  • Inter-faith Clergy Council Greets Jewish Community on Yom Kippur

    The entire membership of the Freeport Inter-Faith Clergy Council, comprising fourteen clergymen of all faiths, both Negro and White, greeted the local Jewish community on Yom Kippur, in a message read in the B’nai Israel synagogue here. Rabbi Leon Hurwitz of the B’nai Israel synagogue is the president of the Council. More ▸

  • Washington Interested in Pope’s Discussion of Jewish Problem with Roosevelt Envoy

    Private reports to the effect that Myron C. Taylor, President Roosevelt’s personal envoy to the Vatican, is now discussing with Pope Pius XII “a sweeping solution of the problem of Jewish persecution in Axis-occupied territories, to be carried out under Vatican auspices” have provoked considerable interest in various circles here. Questioned at his press conference… More ▸

  • Polish Military Authorities in Russia Discriminate Against Jewish Soldiers

    Reports that Polish army officials are dismissing Jews from Polish military units in Russia in order to deprive them and their families of the opportunity to leave Russia, reached here today from Dzalalabad, Kermine, Guazar and other remote Russian cities where Polish divisions are being trained prior to being transported to the Middle East front…. More ▸

  • Fifty Hunted Jewish Families in France Hang Themselves in Suicide Pact

    Explaining that because of the “fluidity” of the situation the exact number of Jews remaining at present in the occupied and unoccupied sections of France is difficult to ascertain, the Commissariate for Jewish Affairs, in a broadcast over the Vichy radio today, ridiculed the recent allegation by the French anti-Semitic newspaper Gringoire that 2,700,000 Jews… More ▸

  • American Jewish Soldiers Crowd London Synagogues on Yom Kippur

    Large numbers of Jewish soldiers and officers serving in the American armed forces stationed in England crowded the synagogues in London yesterday, while in one synagogue an American Jewish officer served as Chazan, reciting the Yom Kippur prayers for the entire congregation. The Jewish service men from the United States were only part of the… More ▸

  • Extermination of Jews in Rumania Described in Appeal to America for Aid

    A desperate appeal to Jews in the United States asking that relief and clothing be sent to Jews in Rumania through the Red Cross “before it is too late” reached here today from Rumania. Complaining that the Jews of Nazi-dominated Rumania are today “Europe’s forgotten Jewry,” the appeal gives harrowing details of the mass-slaughter of… More ▸