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  • Argentina and Israel Sign Trade Agreement in Buenos Aires

    A trade agreement establishing the most favored nation principle in commercial relations between Argentina and Israel was signed today by Pinhas Sapir, Israel’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Dr. Diogenes Taboada, Argentina’s Foreign Minister. The meeting was one of several on a busy schedule during the day for the visiting Israeli Cabinet member who… More ▸

  • British Labor Party Lauds Histadrut’s Accomplishments; Sends Greetings

    The British Labor Party today cabled a message of congratulations to Histadrut, the Israel Federation of Labor, lauding the Israel trade union organization on its accomplishments as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. “The growth of Israel would have been almost impossible without Histadrut. Not only has it acted as an instrument insuring better conditions for… More ▸

  • Egyptian Military Delegation Goes to Moscow;seeks More Soviet Arms

    The departure of Field Marshall Abdel Hakim Amer, of the United Arab Republic, for Moscow to start negotiations for new and large quantities of Soviet arms for Egypt is provoking much interest in Israel. Marshall Amer is being accompanied by a large entourage of Egyptian military experts The Egyptian commander-in-chief of Nasser’s armed forces was… More ▸

  • Alliance Israelite Elects Admiral Kahn As Deputy President

    Admiral Louis Kahn, president of the Maritime Academy of France, was elected deputy-president of the Alliance Israelite Universelle at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Alliance, held here under the Chairmanship of Professor Rene Cassin, president of the Alliance. At the same meeting Marcel Franco, president of the American Friends of the Alliance,… More ▸

  • Arab Leaders Attacks U.s.s Stand on ‘palestine Question’ at U. N. Session

    Saudi Arabia today sharply attacked the United States here for allegedly using “undue pressure and every amount of duress” against the Arabs in every phase of the entire “Palestine Question,” from Palestine partition to the present. Ahmad Shukairy, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for United Nations Affairs, and chairman of the country’s delegation, declared the… More ▸

  • Austrian Jews Ask for Three-nation Parley on Compensation Claims

    Representatives of the World Union to Defend the Rights of Former Austrian Jews urged yesterday that Israel call a three nation conference — Israel, West Germany and Austria — to determine responsibility for Jewish losses in Austria during World War II. The representatives charged that no serious effort has been made to compensate the Jews… More ▸

  • Top Nazis Direct from Cairo Neo-nazi Activities Throughout the World

    Top Nazis who fled the collapsing Third Reich to Cairo to become advisers to President Nasser of the United Arab Republic have established a special headquarters in Cairo which directs neo-Nazi activities throughout the world, according to a documented report published here today. The report was prepared by Joseph Ariel, former Israel Minister to Belgium… More ▸

  • German Court Rules Restoration of Pension to Major Nazi Criminal

    Dr. Franz Schiegelberger, Deputy Minister of Justice during the Nazi regime, “did not act contrary to law” when he created Nazi laws, and when he ordered the execution of a Jewish prisoner, the Administrative Court here has ruled, according to the formal decision issued by the court yesterday. The court’s ruling, disclosed in full now,… More ▸

  • Israel Police Gets 480 Documents on Eichmann’s Crimes Against Jews

    The Yad Vashem Memorial Authority which is collecting material on Nazi activities against Jews has handed over to the Sixth Police Bureau — which is preparing the prosecution for the trial of Nazi master killer Adolf Eichmann — photostats of 480 documents in the case, Aryeh Kubovy, chairman of the authority, told a meeting of… More ▸

  • Journalist Who Tape-recorded Eichmann Confessions is Ex-nazi Officer

    The journalist who tape-recorded in Argentina the confessions of Adolf Eichmann, Nazi expert on Jewish affairs who directed the mass-killing of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe–and sold these confessions to Life magazine in New York–is a Dutchman turned Nazi. He is reported to have been sentenced to death for war crimes in Belgium, and is now… More ▸