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  • News Brief

    Dr. Martin Buber, the late Hebrew University professor and eminent philosopher, willed $3, 330 to the university for the purpose of setting up a scholarship fund for Arab students. The contents of his will were made public today. More ▸

  • Jewish Journalists Denied Accreditation at Casablanca Session

    A number of Moroccan Jewish Journalists who wanted to cover the Arab summit conference, which opened here last night, were refused accreditation, it was learned today. No explanation for the refusal was given by conference officials. Two of the barred journalists were Andre Azoulay and Victor Malka. More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Tel Aviv Hilton, said to be the largest hotel in the Middle East, was formally opened here today. Owned by Israel Hotels International, the 446-room hotel is managed by Hilton Hotels. More ▸

  • Israel Names Rest of Delegation to Unted Nations General Assemdly

    An Israeli judge, whose participation required special approval of both the Minister of Justice and the president of the Supreme Court, and four diplomats and Foreign Ministry officials, were today named as alternate delegates on the Israeli delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, opening on September 21. The top members of the delegation, to… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Mekorot Water Company said today it would spend 103, 000, 000 pounds ($34, 000, 000) on water development projects during the coming year, half of it to complete the National Water Carrier project. The project taps the Jordan River to irrigate Israel’s northern Negev section. It was also announced that water was discovered through… More ▸

  • Inter Parliamentary Union Urged to Help Opposition to Arab Boycott

    Dr. Israel Ben-Meir, Israeli Deputy Minister of the Interior, today asked the Interparliamentary Union world conference here to encourage nations to oppose and denounce the Arab boycott. He said the nations of the world should reject the Arab boycott as “an immoral act of pressure.” Dr. Ben-Meir said it was not improper to expect developing… More ▸

  • First Israel Education Fund-uja High School is Dedicated in Israel

    Dedication ceremonies were hold here today for the Rodman School in nearby Kiryat Yam, the first high school opened in Israel under the building program of the Israel Education Fund of the United Jewish Appeal, which has undertaken to finance the construction of 10 to 15 such high schools during the next few years. The… More ▸

  • Prominent Israeli Legal Authorities Join Washington Peace Parley

    A number of Israeli legal authorities are participating in the Washington Conference on World Peace Through Law, which was underway here today. Over 2,500 lawyers, high court judges, ministers of justice and observers from 110 nations have gathered to improve existing laws and legal mechanisms. Plans will be sought to make international law, courts, and… More ▸

  • Young Leaders Urged to Understand Jewish Life to Ensure Survival

    Young American Jews were urged here to increase their efforts at understanding Jewish life in this country, to ensure Jewish survival in today’s world. Addressing a regional young leadership conference sponsored by the United Jewish Appeal and the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman, executive vice-chairman of the UJA, said… More ▸

  • Ben-nathan Absolves Germany’s Present Generation of Nazi Guilt

    Asher Ben-Nathan, Israel’s Ambassador to West Germany, said today in an interview with the German Press Agency that he favored a youth exchange between Israel and West Germany. He said he felt the present generation of German youth was not responsible for the crimes of their fathers during Hitler’s Third Reich. He also referred to… More ▸