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  • Syria and Israel Exchange Charges at U. N. Security Council Session

    The Security Council, considering charges and counter charges of aggression by Syria and Israel, decided here today to order the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization to file reports concerning the grievances of the two nations. Meanwhile the Council heard bitter charges against what was termed “Israeli aggression” by Ambassador George J. Tomeh, Syria’s permanent representative… More ▸

  • Militant Negro Groups Lose Jewish Support; Charged with Anti-semitism

    Northern liberals, among whom there are many Jews, have been reducing their financial contributions to the more militant civil rights organizations sharply, The New York Times reported here today. A significant role in this cut-back, the Times stated, as a result of a two-week long survey, was the fact that some of the more extremist… More ▸

  • Toronto City Council Amends Its Parks By-law to Curb Nazi Speaker

    By a vote of 14 to 4, and after an hour’s debate, the City Council here amended its parks by-law to ban neo-Nazi leader John Beattie from speaking in the city’s parks until his case is heard before the courts for violating the bylaw’s no-hate clause. Beattie was charged last month following a Hitler style… More ▸

  • International Council on Jewish Welfare Services Meets in Geneva

    The medical department of the Joint Distribution Committee and the World Federation for Mental Health, with the participation of the World Health Organization, will jointly sponsor a conference on community psychiatry here next November, it was announced by Charles Jordan, executive head of the JDC at the semiannual meeting of the International Council on Jewish… More ▸

  • International Civil Aviation Officials Inspect Israel Airport Facilities

    Two inspectors of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s regional office in Cairo, one of them a Moroccan citizen, left here today for Cyprus en route back to Cairo after a weeklong inspection of Israel’s Lydda Airport facilities. Before their departure, Ahmed Azouri, the first Moroccan ever to visit Israel on behalf of the Cairo based… More ▸

  • Young U.S. Jews Return from Israel; Served a Year in Kibbutzim

    Thirty-five young people who have spent a year in Israel serving in kibbutzim and immigrant settlements of Oriental Jews will return to the United States this week. They are part of a group of more than 100 young people, most of them recent college graduates, who went to Israel a year ago to work as… More ▸

  • Jewish Servicemen in Viet Nam Send Contributions to U.J.A.

    American Jewish servicemen in Viet Nam have joined in the United Jewish Appeal campaign back home by sending in a collective contribution to the current UJA drive, it was announced here today by the Jewish Welfare Board. The contribution, totaling $147, was sent to the UJA by Chaplain Harry Z. Schreiner, who is stationed in… More ▸